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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 14

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After having to skip a session due to bad scheduling, the stars aligned in our favor and we were able to bring in a new player. Zephyr Voltanis (if I'm spelling that right) is a Night Caste assassin and spy on a quest to take down the Realm one Dragon-Blooded at a time.

Session was a little short again this time due to a few hours spent in character creation and general tomfoolery.

Wataru, now Kageto once more, wanted to leave the area immediately now that his love had returned to him. Crystal Bay, now calling herself Silver-Draped Wraith, instead decided to take the captured Abyssal as her own prize. She reasoned that since his features looked like a Dragon Blooded, she could kill him, take his form and use it to fool the Wyld Hunt. To that end, the two made off with the Abyssal, sneaking through town to an outlying farmstead. Once there they discussed their plan to wait until nightfall so that Wraith could conduct a ritual hunt to take on the Abyssal's form. They then retired to another room while the curtains fell over the scene.

Whispers and Rami discussed their diplomatic plans while waiting for Willow to return to the teahouse. Whispers had been shot with an arrow in the fight with the Abyssal at the Council Hall earlier and needed Willow's healing before setting to any plan. Whispers intended to set out for the next nearest Sumarian town to negotiate for the removal of the Elder of Kalia. Rami counseled that to do so would be involving herself too much and that it would be safer for all of them (including Three Oaks) if every Anathema in the area just left before the Wyld Hunt arrived. If no demon threat existed, the Elder's reason for sending troops would be removed and the townsfolk could return and not fear a Dragon-Blooded occupation. Whispers disagreed, saying that the Elder was already committed to war and had only been searching for a reason to begin one.

Willow and Mai came to the teahouse, and Willow tended to Whispers' wound while Gaias and Rami left to round up survivors of the undead assault. after clearing the streets and taking the people to the tea house for Willow to tend, the pair decided to check the outlying farmhouses to see if any other refugees survived. After returning from one such trip, Gaias asked where the captured Abyssal was being kept because he wanted to question him about his dead brother (a former Abyssal). Willow told him that the Abyssal was bound and being guarded by Wataru in the inn up the road. Searching the inn thoroughly, Gaias found no signs of life or habitation in any of the rooms. Wataru had vanished with the living Abyssal, leaving Gaias' dead brother and the other Abyssal's artifacts behind. While investigating the room, Gaias smelled a faint perfume that he did not recognize and wished he knew where his dog was. Aesis, the black mastiff his mentor had loaned him, had not been seen since the night they had gotten trapped in the shadowland.

Meanwhile, Zephyr had heard a rumor that the Wyld Hunt had been called by the Elder of Kalia on the neighboring township of Three Oaks. The rumor said that there were more than one of the Anathema hiding in the city and that the Council in Three Oaks was giving them sanctuary. It was said that the Wyld Hunt should arrive in two to three days, before the end of Calibration. Seeking to destroy the Wyld Hunt, Zephyr set out down the river to Kalia to investigate further. Once he arrived, he found Kalia on lockdown. The troops were returning back from across the river in their boats in the early, pre-dawn light. Zephyr decided to check out the situation on the other side of the river and swum across. He built a small fire to dry his clothes and gear out on the opposite riverbank and headed towards Three Oaks. As he approached, he came upon an abandoned farmstead. He found no animals or people, and it seemed to him the owners had left in a great hurry in the middle of their tasks, their dinner half eaten. Continuing on, he noticed the outskirts of town were utterly deserted, not a soul in sight.

To be continued ...

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Updated 03-31-2009 at 12:56 PM by GoddessGood

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  1. cplmac's Avatar
    As always, a very good read.
  2. GoddessGood's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cplmac
    As always, a very good read.
    Aww, thanks