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He recently discovered an unusual characteristic within his own family members, and as a result has set out on a quest to discover if he has these traits as well.

Siedon's family displays the following characteristics: Selfless acts that make others miserable. (Mother purchases a very expensive Doppledog because she believed her son would find it adorable. Knowing her son does not like animals, mother keeps the pet for herself after her son spends one hour with the insane creature.)
Helpful to the point of useless. (Brother requests from sister the exotic family specialty drink (citea) to calm a headache with its relaxing aromas. Sister agrees but then decides to fetch water instead because it is the wrong time of day for such smells.)
Treasure gifts to the point of obsession. (Father picks up a late afternoon bread with a tiny loaf of chestnut cake from the market for mother, if she wants it, otherwise father would eat said loaf. Mother did not want the loaf, but never said so. The bread went to waste.)

Siedon believes his family may be a bit selfish, but will journey to the mountains for answers from the great sage that sits upon the eastern ridge. He leaves without informing anyone.

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  1. Farcaster's Avatar

    So, what do you think? Better than the other system?
  2. ronpyatt's Avatar
    Flows much better. I like it.