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Blond Gamer Girl

The Digital GM

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Well…I’m back. Hopefully, my old buddies and maybe some new are around.

I have had some wonderful gaming experiences and some not so much. One of the recent surprises was when I joined a Millennial RPG group, umm….I’m little older than that. Anyhow, everyone stays in character and is super reliable and genuinely welcoming, no agism to my knowledge. Funny thing, I was the only player, at first, two break-out the laptop. I keep my character sheet and all notes electronically, for organizational purposes, and also I type much faster than I write. I looked around and said “this ain’t right.”

Then the GM asked me to guest GM so I did for a small stint. They were a little shocked when I used digital accompaniment. Maps and such go on the big screen and music through the stereo, etc. It just struck as quite the generational reversal.

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