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The Seven Stones

Lost Leaflets

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I am a smurf. No no no. That won't do. That wonít do at all! I'm not talking about those bubble-headed, blue-skinned, baby-faced buffoons begotten by the slow decay of time and memory. I am talking about real Smurfs, who once lived and died, loved and cried, and experienced the full opulence of creation as you and I. I am talking about a true civilization, which sprouted and flourished long ago like a lily from the earth, revealing the candescent petals of conscious potential. A flower so exquisite, it was promptly plucked from the earth by more devious passions. I am talking about a tragedy.

My name is Flumpfoot, the greatest smurf and historian of all time. And I am dead. These are my leaflets. The last story of the smurfs. My only hope is now a foolís hopeóA capsule, written in the Third Age at the terminal intersection of space and time in the unraveling geometry of the universe. Curse the circle and bless the humans.

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Updated 03-18-2009 at 06:58 AM by PudgySmurf

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Chapter 1


  1. Soft Serve's Avatar
    I rated it 4 stars. I'll give it five if you make it longer.
  2. PudgySmurf's Avatar
    Okay, I'll see what I can do