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Currently developing a homebrew system and setting

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I've been working on a homebrew system to try out with my group once its finished. They have been very interested in the concept and just wanted to share it with more gamers.

The setting is the prohibition era criminal underworld. Our game will likely be set in Boston as this is our local area and it also seems to be ignored in most gangster media. One thing I'm trying to accomplish with my system is a more realistic feel to combat, and a simplified skill system. The game will use a D% system. I personally like the potential if this dice system because it makes factoring in mathematical outcomes easier. Most stats will range either from 1-10 or 1-100. This covers the most basic parts of my homebrew.

I'd like to delve a little further into the first draft of my combat system as I think it will be the most innovative part if done correctly. The game will not use hit points, instead a "Tougher" character will be more likely to survive an attack but anyone can fall victim to a single attack. Lets take a look at one specific weapon, The pistol. A common weapon for any gangster. All ranged weapons will have two charts associated with it, one linked to range and a second that shows lethality of an attack based on distance.

Distance to target 1-5 ft 6-25 ft 26-100 ft 101-200 ft
% to hit 90% 75% 50% 25%
% to kill 80% 60% 45% 30%

The first thing to do when making an attack roll is to determine the distance. Lets say for example someone is making a pistol attack at a range of 15 feet. The TN to hit is 75. The player will roll D% and if the roll is lower than the TN that is a success. (The fact that succeeding requires rolling lower than a TN is the one thing my players aren't enjoying) So if that attack roll succeeded the next step would be to roll to kill. again a D% is rolled against the TN on the chart, rolling lower is a success. Because of the fact that being killed in combat is very easy, it becomes very ideal to not be in combat or make sure that when engaging in combat that the encounter is in the players advantage. There are of course factors that will effect these scenarios, the main one being using cover.

This is all I'll be posting for today. Please let me know what you think based on this brief intro and I'll be posting more on different parts of the game

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