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Basic Roleplaying System: Deadworld Session One

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

(After playing the Basic Roleplaying System original setting “Deadworld” with James Brown, Kyle Matheson, Hannah Lewis, Logan Scott, Bo Lewis, Nissa Campbell, and Joey Scott Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.)

On July 21, 2015, several people met in the rented cabin of Jorman Flanagan in Vilas, North Carolina.

Flanagan was fairly mysterious - people didn’t know much about him. He was an average-looking white man who wore glasses and was tall and lean, standing over six-foot tall. He had black hair but otherwise blended in. He claimed to be an accountant but, in reality, he was an assassin who had not yet really made a name for himself at the age of 25. He lived in New York City.

He had invited the people he’d met at a party hosted by the running back at Appalachian State University some months before. Jaiqwan Jayshawn Skadooter had literally invited everyone in town to that party. The people Flanagan had invited to his party were the ones who had gotten high as **** with and hit it off with at Skadooter’s party. When the quarterback at ASU had died unexpectedly before the playoffs, it was Skadooter who had taken ASU to the championship. The quarterback had been his best friend.

“Doot doot!” was what Jaiqwan Jayshawn Skadooter said when he got to what he thought was his party. It was both a greeting and his catchphrase.

Skadooter was black, 22 years old, and the senior star running back of the Appalachian State University football team. He was well-known in Boone and in the division. ESPN, when they rarely came to Boone or the games, focused on him a lot, actually. He was tall for a running back, standing about 6’4” tall. He was solid and strong. He had dreadlocks and a small chinstrap beard. His touchdown dance was as original as it got with a jig he ended by pantomiming playing a horn and yelling “Doot doot!” He was from Greensboro and was good enough at football in high school for a top school, but his academics were so terrible that they didn’t want him.

He didn’t do other people’s parties, but Flanagan had sent his invite “From Skadooter to Skadooter” so the youth had come to find out who was pretending to be him!

Chimamanda Austen-Burgess was a local writer and claimed to be related to Jane Austin. Her friends called her Chimmy. A black woman of only 21 years, she had already carved a niche for herself with her writing, mostly post-modern, feminist, black books that didn’t really fit into the standard definitions of genre. She called it “human writing.” She had braided hair, strong cheekbones, and wore very bright clothing. She had a home in both the Boone area and Nigeria, where she was originally from. She had not originally been invited to Skadooter’s party but had crashed it and been one of the ones who had hung out with the running back.

“Call me Wildman!” was how Billy Billson had always introduced himself.

None of those at the party knew his actual name. They did know he was a redneck moonshiner from nearby Sugar Grove. He wore overalls and a black t-shirt with no shoes. His hair was a reddish brown starting to gray as he was about 40 years old. He was of average height and very thin. He was a little cross eyed and otherwise looked a lot like Tom Cruise. He was still upset about all the rigmarole about the Confederate battle flag.

“It doesn’t mean what it means!” he would always say.

Yaboi Fugly looked Filipino and was very tall, standing well over six feet, and immensely fat, probably over 300 pounds. He was a tribesman on an island in the Pacific who managed to get to North Carolina but had very little money or understanding of the American culture aside of what he’d seen on television. He was on a spirit journey at the age of 22. He had dark hair and was clean shaven.

Sofia Rosita Mariana Fernando Vasquez II Jr. was a local Latino who was originally from Venezuela. She was short but very curvy, standing right around five feet tall. She was a vintner who owned her own winery in Boone that also made beer. She had tried to make beer but it always came out wine. She didn’t know why. She had very long-black hair to the small of her back.

Floyd Wayne was from Boone as well. A white man who stood about six and a half feet tall, he was also very solid. He had a beard and looked very rugged. He was about 40 years old with rough hands, a weathered look, and a hundred-yard stare. He worked as a gravedigger for the City of Boone. He was very poor.

They were drinking and socializing that evening. Music was playing and everyone was indulging.

About 11 p.m., a meteor came down from the sky in the direction of Boone. There was a flash of light as it hit the ground somewhere in that area. Miss Vasquez started to jabber away in Spanish.

“Mi gatos muy fuerte,” Skadooter said. It translated into “My cat is very strong.”

“The **** she say?” Flanagan said.

“I have a cat in my dorm,” Skadooter said. “You ain’t supposed to have a cat in your dorm.”

“Did y’all just see that shit?” Wildman said.

“Yeah,” Miss Austin-Burgess said.

Others also assented.

“It was falling from the sky!” Miss Vasquez said.

“The sky is fallin’!” Wildman said.

“Doot doot!” Skadooter said.

“Guys, what do you think it was?” Miss Austin-Burgess said. “I should write a short story about it.”

“I don’t know about you, but if fire falls from the sky, we go!” Miss Vasquez said. “We go see what it is, see what the gods want, and then we go.”

She headed out of the cabin.

“I’m thinking if it hit a populous area, there’s gonna be a lot of bodies to bury,” Wayne said.

“That’s true,” Miss Austin-Burgess said. “We should call the police.”

“I’m gonna go there,” Wayne said.

“Wait, shouldn’t we call the police?” Miss Austin-Burgess said.

“Wait guys!” Flanagan said. “Who’s sober enough to drive?”

Fugly knew he was trashed, though Skadooter thought he could drive. Wayne and Miss Vasquez knew they could drive, as did Wildman. Miss Vasquez was in the front seat of her Subaru hatchback, honking the horn and calling for the rest. Skadooter, pretty drunk, ran past the cars and headed up U.S. Highway 421/321 towards Boone at a run.

The dome light of the hatchback came on and hatch opened up as Fugly snuck into the back. Then Miss Austin-Burgess climbed into the passenger seat.

“All right, let’s hit it!” she said.

“Where’s everybody else?” Miss Vasquez said.

“Uh …” Miss Austin-Burgess said.

“Who wants to hop in the back of the pickup truck?” Wayne said, climbing into his vehicle, an old Ford Ranger.

He turned the ignition and, with a backfire, the 15-year-old truck coughed to life. Flanagan climbed into his Audi.

“Hey the undertaker’s over there!” Miss Vasquez said. “Let’s just climb into the back of his trunk!”

“Well, I was really hoping to ride alone with you, Sophia,” Miss Austin-Burgess said suggestively.

The two got out of the hatchback and ran over to the pickup truck, climbing into the bed. Fugly saw them head out so he crept out and followed, sneaking by the truck and quickly slipping into the cab through the window, unseen by Wayne, who was trying to keep the engine running. Wayne looked up when he felt the car move and saw the women in the back with Wildman.

They drove up the highway towards Boone and spotted Skadooter at the car wash in Vilas, leaning against one of the large vacuums, out of breath. Miss Vasquez yelled into the window in the back of the cab, pointing at him.

“I see him!” Wayne said. “Ain’t that Skadooter?”

“Let’s go get him!” Miss Vasquez said.

Wayne pulled the truck into the car wash parking area.

“Ya need a ride, friend?” he called.

Skadooter felt like he was going to get sick.

“Ya wanta ride there, buddy?” Wayne called again as Flanagan’s Audi pulled up behind him.

“Yeah, gimme a ride, homie!” Skadooter said.

“Hop on in!” Wayne said.

“Get me to that meteor!” Skadooter said.

He rushed at the truck and tried to jump into the bed but miscalculated and crashed into the side of the truck instead, falling to the ground.

“He’s in!” Wayne said.

He put the truck into gear and gunned it, jerking forward.

“Alto! Alto!” Miss Vasquez cried. “He’s not in! Where you going?”

“What the **** you sayin’?” Wayne called back.

“Stop!” Miss Vasquez said.

The passenger side door opened on the cab as Fugly burst out laughing and fell out of the truck. Wayne stomped on the brakes, bringing the truck to an abrupt halt. Flanagan, in the Audi, had also started to pull forward. He hit the brakes as fast as he could but his car still struck the back of the pickup truck. Miss Vasquez started to curse in a mix of Spanish and English.

“Hey!” Wayne yelled. “It doesn’t matter!”

“Shit!” Flanagan shouted.

Skadooter climbed onto the back of the pickup truck, using the Audi as a footstool. His foot slipped three times before he was able to get over the tailgate. He tried to somersault into the bed but instead merely slid in.

“Word up!” he said.

Wayne looked to his right and saw Yaboi Fugly on the ground, still laughing.

“Get the **** in the vehicle!” Wayne said to him.

Fugly stumbled to his feet and flopped into the cab again, still laughing. Once the door was closed and the dome light went off, Wayne put the truck into gear and got back into traffic, which was very light. Fugly slid back down to the floor and hid in the dark.

They went through the light at 105 Bypass and down the hill, soon arriving on King Street in Boone. Wayne and Flanagan both slowed their vehicles when the speed limit dropped. In the back, Skadooter was screaming “Doot doot!” Wayne figured if the cops pulled them over, they’d recognize Skadooter and not ticket them.

There was very little traffic on King Street though he noticed a couple of cars in the opposite lane sitting in the road. When they reached Water Street, a car was stopped at the stop light. When the light turned green, the car didn’t move.

“What’s going on?” Miss Vasquez said.

“Red light,” Wayne said.

“It’s a green light now!” Miss Vasquez said.

Skadooter climbed out of the bed of the truck and walked up to the other car. Miss Vasquez tried to stop him but he was far too strong for her.

“Careful Skadooter!” Miss Austin-Burgess called.

Skadooter walked to the driver’s window and saw there was a middle-aged man sitting in the driver’s seat. The car was apparently stalled. The man was staring straight ahead.

“Doot doot mother****er!” Skadooter said. “The light’s green!”

“Get back in the truck!” Wayne said. “We’ll go around!”

“This old mother****er ain’t getting out of my way!” Skadooter said.

“We’ll go around!” Wayne said. “**** him!”

“I’m the star running back of ASU! He needs to get out my way! Doot doot!”

“We’ll go around!”


“Get in the back of my ****ing truck!”

“− doot!”

Skadooter leaned into the window.

“Doot!” he screamed. “Doot! Doot!”

He fogged up the window a little. Wayne, meanwhile, pulled his truck into the opposite lane.

“Get in the back!” he said.

Skadooter backed up to the truck, pointing at his eyes and then at the eyes of the man in the car.

“I’ll remember this!” he said threateningly.

He climbed back into the bed and Wayne pulled into the intersection, avoiding a car in the opposite lane also merely sitting in the street and not proceeding through the intersection despite having a green light. Flanagan’s Audi followed. They continued down King Street past the fire department. When they got to the Depot Street intersection, Mast Store on their left, they noticed flashing red and blue lights up the street somewhere. When Wildman saw, he ducked low in the bed of the truck.

As they reached the area of Appalachian Street, they could see a gray and black highway patrol cruiser, lights flashing, pulled onto the sidewalk in front of the Hob Nob Farm Café on the left side of the road. The driver’s side door was open into the street. Wayne assumed the officer pulled someone over but there was no other car in the area. He continued to slowly go past the vehicle.

Some of them noticed a large discolored spot on the sidewalk in front of Hob Nob.

“What the hell’s that!?!” Wildman said.

“Is that blood?” Miss Vasquez said leaning into the cab.

“I don’t know,” Wayne said.

“Oh shit, it’s the police!” Skadooter yelled. “Doot doot!”

“****ing Skadooter,” Wayne muttered.

“It looks like there’s some kind of blood on the ground over there, yo,” Miss Vasquez said.

“Taste it,” Miss Austin-Burgess said. “I’ll give you $35.”

“I ain’t goin’ to jail!” Skadooter cried.

Wayne looked to his right. Fugly was on the floorboards, peeking up over the dash.

“I know you’re there,” Wayne said.

Miss Vasquez hopped out of the driver’s side of the truck, followed closely by Miss Burgess-Austin. Unfortunately, the vehicle was still moving and they both stumbled when they hit the ground, falling. Both of them were fairly badly hurt. Fugly threw open the passenger side door and tumbled out as well, crashing to the ground. He was also hurt.

“Skadoots,” Skadooter called to them, lifting his hat.

It was another catchphrase, in this case meaning “Good-bye.”

Flanagan, meanwhile, found a parking spot in front of Jimmy Johns on the corner and pulled the Audi in.

Wayne looked for a parking space on the street but there were none on that side. He pulled up onto the sidewalk on that side and turned off the truck, leaving the keys in the ignition. He got out.

Fugly had some rags in his pocket because he hurt himself all the time. He bound the wounds on his legs. He saw that both of the women were also trying to do clean up their wounds. The two tore some of their shirts and bound up the scrapes.

Flanagan, meanwhile, crossed the street to the dark spot on the pavement. It looked like the splatter of some kind of dark liquid on the sidewalk in front of the closed café. He touched it with his foot and it seemed a little sticky. He wondered if it was spilled soda. He poked the stain with his finger and sniffed it. It was still a little wet and had a metallic smell. He backed up into the middle of the road.

Miss Vasquez and Miss Austin-Burgess walked to the stain and they could smell iron, almost like blood. Miss Vasquez touched the stain and sniffed it. It smelled like blood. She tasted it. It was blood. She cried out and wiped it off on her pants.

“Why are you tasting it!?!” Flanagan said.

“Money!” Miss Vasquez said.

“Makes sense,” Flanagan said.

Wayne walked up.

“What the **** are they doing?” he muttered.

Wildman got out of the truck but Skadooter had put ear buds in, having hooked them to his smart phone. He played rap music and jammed while sitting in the bed of the truck. Wildman crossed the street to the rest and was followed by Fugly, who crept into the patrol car. The keys were in the ignition and there was a shotgun in a gun rack against the dashboard. A laptop computer sat open on the passenger seat. He started to push buttons on the computer but it required a password. He didn’t know what it meant so he just kept hitting buttons.

Wayne leaned into the police car and saw the keys were still in the ignition.

“I want the shotgun,” he said.

Fugly shook his head. Wayne reached for the keys but Fugly slapped his hand away. Every time that he got his hands towards the keys, Fugly slapped his hand away.

“The hell!?!” Wayne said. “Why!?! Why!?!”

“It’s mine!” Fugly said.

“Yours?” Wayne said. “Get the shotgun!”

“It’s in my car,” Fugly said. “I’m fine.”

“Fine,” Wayne grunted. “****ing fine!”

He walked back to his truck to get his shovel out of the bed. As he approached, he saw a young woman walking down the street towards his truck as well. She wore tight clothing and he guessed she was a college student. She was blonde and stumbled as if drunk.

“Are you okay?” he said.

She had been focused on Skadooter but looked his way and started to walk towards him, coming around the front of the truck.

“Hey!” Wayne said. “Hey!”

Wildman, Flanagan, and Miss Austin-Burgess all noticed the girl. Wayne picked up the shovel from the back of his truck.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked. “Honey?”

She passed the driver’s side door and then suddenly opened her mouth wide and rushed at him. Wayne held the girl off with his shovel, her jaw snapping at him like an animal. She made no noise other than the clicking of her teeth. Fugly looked over his shoulder and saw the man struggling with the girl. He pulled the keys out of the ignition and fitted one of them in the gun rack, pulling the shotgun free.

Wayne tried to push the woman off him with the shovel but she was persistent. Wildman ran across the street.

“Take it, she-*****!” he yelled.

He leapt at the woman but missed her completely, crashing to the ground behind her.

“What the ****!?!” Wayne said.

Flanagan ran across the street and tried to push the woman over unsuccessfully.

Sophia drew a small pistol out of her pocket and fired at the woman, striking her in the right shoulder. The woman stumbled for a moment but didn’t fall over or even cry out. Skadooter looked up and saw the struggle and then heard the gunshot.

“Yo, getter dude,” he said. “Uh!”

The girl looked momentarily at Miss Vasquez but then came at Wayne again. He tried to hold her off with the shovel, but she leaned her head over and bit him in the left wrist, ripping off a large chunk of flesh. He could see the bone of his arm.

“Oh God!” he cried. “****!”

He was left-handed.

“Chop that shit off!” Skadooter yelled drunkenly.

There was a lot of blood.

“Oh my God!” Skadooter yelled, suddenly realizing what he was seeing. “Oh my God!”

Miss Vasquez fired again, shooting the woman in the chest. The woman stumbled again but didn’t fall.

“Dios Mio!” Miss Vasquez yelled. “Zombie!”

Fugly hustled across the street and pointed the gun straight up, pulling the trigger. There was a blast as the shotgun went off. He was glad to know it was loaded.

Behind the insane girl, Wildman reached into his pocket and took out his brass knuckles. Wayne shoved the woman again and she stumbled backwards over the crouched Wildman, tumbling to the ground. He stood up.

While Flanagan rushed the fallen girl and tried to hold her down, Miss Austen-Burgess ran to Wayne and tried to pull him away from the melee.

“Get those digits!” Skadooter yelled at Flanagan, his voice slurred.

Miss Vasquez ran to the woman and also tried to grab her ineffectively.

“Y’all getter man!” Skadooter, still very drunk, said. “Whatever dog!”

He continued to listen to the music on his phone.

The woman tried to bite Flanagan but he held her off, her jaws snapping next to his face. Fugly turned the shotgun around and grabbed it by the hot barrel. He pushed on the girl’s chest with the butt of the gun.

“Crazy *****!” Wildman cried.

He leapt at the woman and punched her with his brass knuckles. The blow struck the woman on the leg as she kicked and tried to get up. Fugly recoiled and backed away. Wayne, meanwhile, went down to one knee and put his arm against the asphalt. He was determined to chop off his hand before the infection could spread. He lifted up the shovel to bring it down on his upper arm. Miss Austin-Burgess screamed.

“What the **** are you doing!?!” she shrieked.

Flanagan, meanwhile, tried to punch the woman on the ground but didn’t effectively hurt her. Miss Vasquez leapt up and ran to Wayne. She ripped some of her shirt sleeve again and tried to bind his wound.

“The police are right there!” Skadooter cried as he watched the others beating on the girl.

“I’m the police!” Fugly said.

The woman tried to bite Flanagan again but he managed to hold her off.

Fugly had noticed Wayne about to chop his arm off and stepped over, worked the action on the shotgun, put it against Wayne’s arm, and fired. The blast blew the man’s hand off just below the wrist. Buckshot ricocheted off the asphalt, striking Wayne and Miss Austin-Burgess. The hand slid across the pavement, stopping on the ground near where Skadooter still sat in the bed of the truck.

“Holy shit! What the ****!?!” Skadooter said, finally stopping his be bopping. “Holy shit!”

Wayne fell to the ground, unconscious from the shock.

“*****!” Wildman yelled.

He slammed the woman in the leg again as she struggled against him and Flanagan. Flanagan drew a stiletto and stabbed the woman in the eye. There was a nasty fleshy noise and when he pulled it out, the eyeball came out with the knife. The woman continued to try to bite him, not making a sound.

“Oh God, this isn’t normal!” he screamed.

He was suddenly and terribly afraid of teeth.

“Why!?!” Miss Austin-Burgess cried at Fugly.

She tried to wrap the blood-gushing stump of Wayne’s left arm. Miss Vasquez bound the arm as well, trying to tie it off as best she could. The blood continued to ooze out of the wound but was not pouring out like it had been before.

“**** this, white people!” Skadooter said.

He slid across the bed to the passenger side.

Fugly, meanwhile, brought Wayne around by shaking him and slapping his face.

“Wake the hell up!” he said.

“Stop!” Wayne said.

He cried out when he saw his left hand was gone and his arm had been bound. Still out of it, he cut at the severed left hand with his shovel, tears coming from his eyes.

“Stop it!” he cried. “I don’t wanna …”

“What are you doing?” Miss Austin-Burgess said. “It’s okay! It’s okay! I’m sorry!”

Wildman, meanwhile, continued to beat on the woman, working his way up to her gut. She wouldn’t stop moving though. Flanagan pulled himself off the girl and drew a massive revolver from a hidden holster under his jacket. He blasted the woman’s head off, her skull shattering and exploding.

“Who this white kid is?” Miss Vasquez called.

The woman who had attacked them finally stopped moving. When Flanagan saw the woman’s lower jaw was still intact and filled with teeth, he let out a cry and ran to his car.

Skadooter looked when he heard the gunshot and saw the dead woman.

“What the ****, man!?!” he screamed. “The police are right there!”

“Oh God!” Flanagan screamed as he ran away.

Miss Vasquez looked for blood on her clothing; there was a lot. When Fugly had blown Wayne’s arm off, she had been very close. She stepped back and cursed in Spanish. Then she moved across the street to the embankment up the street from the buildings and sat down.

Wildman got up and offered Wayne a clear liquid in a mason jar. He also poured a little on the terrible wound on his arm. The 180 proof moonshine on the wound caused Wayne to scream in pain and pass out again. Wildman slapped him in the face until he woke up.

“My left hand is bleeding …” Wayne whined.

Skadooter took out his phone and dialed 911. All he got was static.

“What the ****!?!” he said.

When he looked at his phone he saw the bars were going from nothing up to five and back down again over and over again constantly.

“What the ****!?!” he said again. “Who hacked my phone!?! God damn it!”

Some of them heard a shuffling noise as if a crowd was approaching. Up the street, around the side of the First Baptist Church, a group of about a half dozen people shuffled out onto the sidewalk and started heading their way.

“**** this noise!” Flanagan shouted.

He ran to his car.

“Mind control!” Miss Vasquez cried. “It’s mind control! Run!”

“No autographs please!” Skadooter yelled.

“Heil Hitler!” was all Miss Austin-Burgess could think to say about mind control.

All 300 pounds of Fugly lollopped across the road. He flung himself into the police car, pulled the door closed, and locked it, then ducked down out of sight. He saw that the gas tank on the car was mostly full.

Skadooter climbed onto the cab of the truck.

Miss Vasquez rushed back over to Wayne and tried to get him back to his truck. He didn’t resist her.

“C’mon, amigo, let’s go!” she said.

She had some trouble moving him as he was very large but she kept encouraging him to get into the pickup truck.

Wildman crossed the street to examine the stain on the ground. Miss Austin-Burgess ran to the police car and tried to get the door open but found it locked.

“Open the doors!” she cried, banging on the door. “Why are the doors locked?”

Around the corner of the building holding Hob Nob Farm Café came a police officer. He stumbled around the building and she saw there was blood on his shirt. It looked like someone had torn his throat out.

“Let me in the car!” she said.

“Oh God!” Wildman said. “Oh God!”

Across the street, Miss Vasquez shot at the police officer. The bullet struck him in the knee and there was a snap. The man went down to his knees and crawled that way towards Wildman and Miss Austin-Burgess.

Flanagan’s Audi came to life and he gunned it, tearing down the street towards the crowd of strangers on the sidewalk. He aimed for them with his car but then realized they all had teeth and didn’t want to get anywhere near them so swerved the car away and continued down the street.

Miss Vasquez fired again at the police officer but missed, the bullet shattering one of the glass panes at Hob Nob.

“C’mon!” she said to Wayne.

He started to stumble the way she led him. She got him to the truck and put him in the driver’s seat, then pushed him across to the passenger side.

* * *

As Flanagan drove down King Street approaching Cherry Drive, he slowed the car, feeling his fear of teeth drain away. He turned the car around and headed back.

* * *

Miss Vasquez started Wayne’s pickup truck as Skadooter climbed down into the bed. With a rough start, she pulled away and drove down the street.

Wildman rushed the police officer with a scream with Miss Austin-Burgess close behind. She struck the officer with the side of her hand, slamming him around. He didn’t fall, however.

Fugly started up the police cruiser.

The officer tried to bite Miss Austin-Burgess but she managed to stay away from his jaws. Wildman pounded on him with his brass knuckles, punching him in the face. There was a lot of blood but the man continued to try to bite them.

Fugly drove slowly by, the passenger side window coming down. He also hit the button on the radio and turned it up as loud as it would go. He pumped the shotgun and put it into the window.

Miss Austin-Burgess tore into the police officer but didn’t seem to hurt him. Then the police cruiser rolled by and they saw the barrel of a gun. The shotgun blast reverberated down the street but Fugly had waited too long and the blast took out another window of Hob Nob.

* * *

Miss Vasquez continued down King Street, planning on turning on Blowing Rock Road to get to River Street. They saw Flanagan in his Audi coming back from that direction before they even got down the hill. He turned around again and followed them.

* * *

Fugly pumped the shotgun again and then turned the cruiser around. He saw more people coming down the street from the other direction.

Meanwhile, Wildman and Miss Austin-Burgess continued to battle the police office. Wildman punched the cop in the head again. The police officer tried to bite Wildman but he was too fast for him. Then they both laid into the man again. He finally fell as the police cruiser rolled up beside them.

“You guys need a ride?” Fugly said.

“Please!” Wildman said.

“You know how to drive?” Fugly said.

“Nope,” Miss Austin-Burgess said.

“No,” Wildman confessed.

“All right, hop in,” Fugly said, unlocking the doors.

The two quickly climbed into the back seat of the police cruiser and locked the doors. Fugly gunned the cruiser, flooring it, and aimed the vehicle at the people shambling down the street towards them. The two in the back seat were pressed back in their seats as he hit the people at probably upwards of 50 miles per hour. Wildman covered his eyes, not wanting to see, while Miss Austin-Burgess watched in terror. The music was so loud they could barely hear the sounds of the people crashing over the roof of the car. One man’s face was smashed against the windshield.

Fugly flipped out and had to get away. He continued to push the accelerator to the floor and quickly spotted the Audi and the pickup truck, passing both at about ninety miles per hour. He came to his senses by the time he got to Yosef Drive on the east side of town.

* * *

Flanagan followed the pickup truck, turning right on Blowing Rock Road. When Miss Vasquez saw more people shambling down the street, she decided not to go to River Street but get to the hospital instead.

The radio had been tuned to a Charlotte radio station, playing music quietly. Then a news broadcast came on.

“Some meteors came down tonight,” the announcer said. “Some hit near Boone and apparently we’re going to have a lot of meteors tonight so keep your eyes open.”

More meteors started to appear in the skies overhead. There were probably hundreds of them.

“Yes, apparently the entire continent of America will be hit,” the announcer went on. “According to meteorologists, this heretofore undetected meteor shower will probably also hit Asia and possibly Europe in the northern hemisphere and scattered location in the southern hemisphere as well tonight.

“So, keep your eyes open for those beautiful falling stars.”

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