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Hope You Like Zombie Apoc. Stories

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I'm not entirely sure what a blog is for, but since I probably won't use mine for anything I would call "important" I'll just write a story about stuff I think is interesting and if people tell me I did good I'll write more. I don't know if theres a section for this or not yet, but I'll try to post it somewhere appropriate. The story is about a survivor who survived terrifying ordeals and is trying to write them out in a journal/diary kind of writing hoping that if he doesn't make it someday someone will read it. Thanks in advance for reading.

It was our first time camping. Just me and some friends you know? We'll go out into the Canadian wild for a week. They've got moose, and bears apparently so it'll be more dangerous and exciting then camping in crazy Bellingham Washington. Woulden't make sense to just drive to Montana, no we had to cross the damn Canadian border...

Ok I don't have anything against Canadians. As you probably didn't know Bellingham is pretty far north so I've met and drank with my fair share of Canadians. The thing is though, apparently there was a very good reason they all started pouring into America. We'd all just believed what the press was telling us to believe. They thought the American economy was better then it was (it wasn't) so they riped through our borders like the southern immigrants did. I even remember seeing military presence at the Canadian border a couple of times...Not just National Guard like actual hard trained Army was there. Hell I even remember thinking to myself "is that guys Canadian accent fake?" when they interviewed one and he was talking about the situation "up north". I wish I'd have taken the time to notice he was wearing a New Jersey Devils cap and had a rough New York/Canadian imitation sounding voice then instead of now...

For the first 2 days everything was miserable. It was driving...through Calgary "No it's not good enough here. we can get deeper." Tom had said that twice while he was driving. He was the camping mastermind, the one who always wanted to come to Canadia and pet a friggin' moose. He said it when we got into Calgary, and again when we got into Edmonton. If you don't know your globe we've been driving from Washington to Alberta, and then deeper into Alberta....that's a long ass drive and everytime we find a spot it's not good enough for Tom. Naturally we're all about to throw him out with the camping supplies and drive our asses home when we noticed the trip didn't actually take as long as we thought.

Apparently all the traffic was on the "out" side of the highway. Everyone was running south...People even went so far as to abandon their cars with their furniture still strapped to their hoods and truck beds. We even had to slow down at some point to not hit a few familie swho were walking back to Edmonton... We were all creeped out and unsure of what to think but none of us said anything.

The next 2 days were wonderful. We had set up camp, we had cooked some Mountain Pies over a fire in an iron cast pie maker. Everything was shiney and happy and Tom woulden't shut up about how perfect the spot was... We were a little south of Sturgeon Lake, probably illegal but apparently no one cares.

The next morning...Oh...god....I hate even writing this down....Reliving it is making my hand shake so please bear with any difficulty reading the writing. I was the first one awake. I had gotten out of my tent and started poking the fire...I put my shoes on (we set them by the fire so the bugs woulden't crawl inside) and noticed that Tom was sitting over by the lake next to us. The amount of fog settling in around us was uncanny, unerving, and just plain cold as hell. I noticed he wasn't talking when I got close to him. Usually once he sees your awake the first thing he does is talk non-stop about something stupid. A rare opportunity I actually got the first word.
"Tom, man what are you doing overhere? It's ****ing freezing near the water. Come back to the fire...."
He didn't say anything...he just sobbed...
"Tom? Dude I can't even really see you. If you pissed yourself we'll all pretend you didn't as long as it doesn't smell."
"....**** you."
"What? What's wrong?" I've known Tom a good long while. He's not annoying he just doesn't shut up. He woulden't say that unless he thought I had beaten his children or something like that...He reached out his left arm. It had a monster sized bite taken off of it. There were teeth marks, blood trailing down his fingers, skin that had ripped off when the attacked pulled his jaws away. Someone had gotten a good clean hit on him....or....Bite....

"Tom....what happened?" all he did was point. He pointed into the water a little ways down where it's current was flowing. Someone was struggling in the water. They weren't swimming or screaming. Just moaning. You could barely hear it over the sounds of the current raging. Johnnen and Victor climbed out of their tents and joined us. Victor pointed out Tom's arm, then just like Johnnen stared straight into the eyes of the drowning man. All four of us just stared at Tom's assailant and knew something was horribly wrong. We packed up all our equipment right then and there...

Tom got his first aid and Johnnen was driving. We made it back onto the highway when we noticed we were the only ones there. Everyone else had ditched their cars and wondered on. We grabbed our food and our water and ran along in the direction of Edmonton when through the fog we saw several people. All of them shambling masses...all of them moaning in the worst, and loudest sound any of us had ever heard in our lives. It wasn't literally the loudest, but it was pretty damn loud and it was by-far the most impactful sound ever. We ran back to our car and threw everything we had back in. We took off in reverse turning around and driving the wrong way in our lane. We hadn't gotten far before Tom started to die...We drove past this fortress looking thing to get to Grande Praire and hopefully put Tom in a hospital.

I don't know if we were too slow, or if there was no helping him but he died in the back of his car. We all got out. Victor even puked a little. I'm not ashamed to admit I was crying. Johnnen was siting on the back of the car trying to call people with his cell.
"No signal. Anybody else have any? Please?"
None of us did. Which is odd considering we were on a highway near a generally popular city. We blamed the fog. Then we cursed the fog...then we all became thankful. Tom was ok. He climbed out of his chair and was standing. He even stretched his neck! But...then...his arm wasn't bleeding anymore. It had sealed with black...nastyness....His eyes even changed colors to pale white. This wasn't Tom anymore...

Johnnen was on the opposite side of Tom's injured arm so he coulden't see what me and Victor saw. He coulden't see the black goo. He coulden't see the dim white eyes. He coulden't see it until he got up close. I coulden't hear what he was saying to Tom. But I could hear Johnnen scream after Tom grabbed him by the shoulders and bit him and ripped out his throat.

We could also see the hordes of people shambling in our direction still....STILL...after so many miles they were still walking. Black nastyness falling out of their mouths and wounds. We ran. We ran so fast I think my legs might never recover completely. We were stupid though...we didn't talk. We didn't plan. Somewhere in the Canadian wilderness I lost Victor.

I'm writing this a month since we left Bellingham. I haven't seen him since...

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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    I do!, and I keep the Zombie Survival Guide in my bedside table, just in case.
  2. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    So far, i'm interested to read more. Keep it coming.
  3. Soft Serve's Avatar
    The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z happen to be the source of the story so you should already know how to kill them! yay!

    But I'll probably throw in more zombies just for fun...still those books will be handy reference.
  4. PudgySmurf's Avatar
    I like it alot!
  5. Thriondel Half-Elven's Avatar
    MAN! I love zombie apocolypses! this is AWEsome!
  6. yukonhorror's Avatar
    I must mention the song "zombies ate my neighbors" by single file. could be the theme song.