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4e Alternate healing surges play test

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Well this coming Thursday will be the next game day for my 4e game that I am currently playing in. So I'm going to try to keep double books on HP and try out a new system for S&G.

I know that one of the main dislikes of 4e has to do with the healing surges. In a thread some months back I suggested using a an alternate to healing surges. A scheme that converts those healing surges into six hit locations. All characters have a minimum of six healing surges, and each surge is worth 1/4 of the characters HP total. So I was thinking of dividing base HP and those six healing surges up along the following lines (rounding up all fractions).

Chest: Normal HP
Head: 1/4 HP
R. Arm: 1/4 HP
L. Arm: 1/4 HP
R. Leg: 1/4 HP
L. Leg: 1/4 HP

The sixth healing surge would be kept as the characters second wind power. While any remaining healing surges over could either be used as additional HP, or kept as healing surges to be used between encounters. I'm leaning toward the second option at the moment as this would diminish the number of healing surges, but not completely eliminate them.

Instead of using a complicated rolling system to determine the hit location of attacks. I have decided to simply let the player (in this case me) choose where the character takes the damage. The only stipulation being, that the damage from a single melee or ranged attack must come from a single hit location. As for area effect weapons that would do splash damage, such as, fire, falling or acid damage can be distributed between all hit locations as the player so chooses, or as logic and the DM dictates.

Once each hit location has been reduced to zero HP or below a "Death saving throw" is made for that limb. After failing the saving throw three times the wound has become life threatening (blood loss, shock etc) and the character now takes ongoing 5 damage (from the chest hit location) per round until they reach zero HP. At this point, the normal dying rules kick in.

I've attached a quick mock-up of the Hit Location sheet that I plan on using (if I can get my printer working again).

So sometime this weekend or early next week I'll post up my initial comments on if I think this system is worth further testing and refinement.
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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Well I got to try this out during the game tonight. The first problem that I encountered was that I only got hit one time in three combat encounters, and only took two points of damage. Usually I'm the parties meat shield, barely surviving each encounter, but tonight I rolled like a maniac, killed nearly everything in sight and managed to make it out with only a mere scratch. *shrugs* maybe next session I'll get hit more, anyway until then, its all up in the air.