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What I go through when making a Character.

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Hi, all recently I began playing an Exalted game, yeah! Well I don't really see anyone do this but I wanted to share with anyone who cares or is bored, my character. Another reason is for prospective referees and players can see how I go about making a character. Please understand I realize that Exalted is a game where everyone player characters that are awesome from the first game. Those who know me already know I don't really like most epic level games. I am some who likes the underdog, don't mind the struggle of being 1st level and earning every meager experience point with blood and sweat.
In games built on points I like to begin my character with an image or concept and to build up from their. Key to a great game is to consider the type of game being played and to also consider the composition in a group. But, when I play a game instead of running one, most times I prefer to make a character with the setting and campaign theme in mind but without what everyone else is going to bring to the "table." This can result in a group of players all creating characters whose specialties overlap, and lacking areas that maybe key to the groups ability to handle various situations.
I like to think of a game setting in a more realistic way (yes I know it is all fictional with things that just are not true, but I am big on surrealism. Realistic I think, what is the chance a group of people just fall in together and each one brings unique abilities that everyone needs to the team? I think it is slim chances that in a fantasy game, a group of people all just happen to walk into the same bar, lets say four of them and one is a warrior, a thief, a wizard, and a priest. To me that is really unrealistic. Yes it allows the group to cover a good deal of challenges, but its not as realistic that a group of four people consists of two warriors and two thieves. Yes they are going to need some spiritual and magical help, but hey maybe that can be an adventure in itself, where the group learns rapidly they need to keep on a look out for people that can bring the needed abilities to the team in the future or at minimum find npcs that will be willing to help the group after or before adventures as much as possible. Say with potions and prays. Money is usually tight for a group that is broke, but their are so many fun avenues to explore with a group that lacks than one who seems to have everything.
I understand in games like D&D it will be challenging with encounters for groups lacking in key areas, but maybe steering away from group composition cliches from time to time will be fun.
So the ST or storyteller wrote a teaser of how the game would begin. Basically we would all make Dragon-Blooded characters that were going to attend a wedding between a Dynast Dragon-Blooded House (like a clan). With a country sat on an island kingdom in the west. The wedding would bring a new source of income to the Realm (Dynastic Empire). Our beginning goal is to represent different Houses of the Empire at the wedding and ensure that the wedding goes by smoothly. The ST has also hinted that things may not go well, based on opposition from those not wanting the wedding to take place. Mainly by other nations interested in the new found wealth of the island kingdom, as well as some of the people from the island itself. One of the nations being some shady kingdom hinted to be involved in necromancy.
I have no idea on the personalities of the other players, what kind of characters they will be bringing, or what devious plans the ST may have for this wedding. The rules he decided to go with for Exalted is the 2.5 version. We could make Dynast, Outcast, or Lost Egg characters. I have never played Exalted I all end up running games, so playing for me was like a blessing. All I have to do is worry about one character. I knew I would play a Dynast character because I love the fluff of the Scarlet Empire and it's "Houses" bickering over an empty throne. The Dragon-Blooded being the weakest Exalt type the game placed us all less powerful and more reliant on things like retainers and politics than might. Another factor is the fact we are more reliant on each other unlike the more powerful Celestial Exalted like the Solars.
Next I always try and consider what kind of character I really would like to play. In the end the most appealing idea for me was to pick a character whose aspect (element) type matched the majority for the specific house she would come from. I always liked House Mnemon (earth aspect) background and being a sorceress would be nice as often I have played generic warriors to be lazy with making a character in a game system I am not all that interested in. Once I figured out the House, aspect and concept of my character (seeker after forbidden secrets) I was well on my way.
My Attributes (or Primary Stats) was the next area I tackled. They group them in three groups Physical, Social, and Mental. You have to decide between the three groups which group you are best at, then the next group and finally which group you are least profescent. I went with Mental, Social and then Physical. I wanted to have more average stats than exceptional ones so I kept that in mind as I built her. I wanted a couple of more above average stats next and a minimual amount of Attributes that would be outstanding.
I took this same step with each area of my character. I purposely wanted to make sure that some Abilities (skills) she had that I really wanted her to be good at in the future were low or unknown. Then I had to think of what kind of mage character was I going for. In the end I decided I wanted a spell caster who could fight good enough to defend herself at least for a brief amount of time, and make her a specialized sorceress who "ace" was summoning. I would give her above average skill with melee weapons to help out her average dexterity, but physically the way I set her up, she could easily best most average mortals in combat, but her best bet is to run from any experienced or powerful fighters. Combat would not be something she would be great at, ever. My desire to gear her spells towards summoning type spells and avoiding flashy damaging or defensive magics also made my character unsuited for combat even most social combat situations are bad propositions for her.
Basically I wanted a character in an epic setting who has at the dawn of her abilities in many ways. After I finished up building the character. I went web-searching for anime images of spell-casting women. Once I found one, I began to work on her story. Then I went hunting for images to fit my story as well. The result is my character Mnemon Karasu (search for Japanese female names) and she was ready to go.

Mnemon Karasu background

Mnemon Karasu Character Sheet

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave comments (good or bad)
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