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The UnEarthing (Exalted 2ed)

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Hi all,
Cassie here I have decided to put my thoughts to paper on my favorite system as well as promote my vary own campaign for Exalted 2nd edition core rules. To follow is going to be important information for players to read if interested in playing. It also will serve as possible inspiration for others who may run such games or want some different ideas that they could possible bring into their own games.
Yes I understand that Exalted may not be the best system out there, but it is a game and setting in which I like. What makes a good game is the people playing the game. Experience in the game is not required for those who may have an interest in playing. If you have any questions rather for this campaign or not, feel free to PM or email me.
Thank you all for looking at my campaign blog. It will begin with introductory things and progress as players are added and games are played. What is unearthed is in the hands of the players.

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