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Still here

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As is obvious from how long it has been since the last post to my blog, the group never really got going for running the "Lost Caverns of Tsojcnth" campaign for the second group. As usual, had half the people that said they wanted in, not show for scheduled game sessions even after saying that they would be able to be there on that particular day. After the third time that we only had half the players show, the other 4 pllayers and I agreed to wait until we could find 4 other people that would actually commit to the game. Obviously, that has never happened.

We have a few RPG games that may get going eventually. The DM of the Underdark Adventure would really like to continue that if we have players as well as having a game that the players actually start out as baby dragons for their characters. I will look at getting another large campaign that I have prepared. This time I will look at running Dragonlance. I will have to slowly work on it though as I am going to be doing an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class this fall. We are also working on having a small con here for our Steel City Gamers group from over on next month as well. I will be sure to post the campaign logs of those games mentioned as they progress. I will be curious to see how the group handles my Dragonlance game when they find out that even though there is an vast abundance of gold, it is really of no real monetary value in this setting.

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  1. Matt James's Avatar
    Congratulations on going through EMT training. Let us know how you do.