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First Session of The One Ring : Scales of the Lost Children

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I ahd three players who designed characters for our first session. Jose created a Barding who he named Dreft (what he names all of his characters) who specialized in Great Bow and was a Slayer. Kuni created a woodaman named odo who was a treasure Hunter, his character had a very high wits score. James created a wild hobbit of valley and boosted all of his talents to stealth.

So it begins as Dreft of Dale had befriended the wild hafling of Anduin Vale as the hobbit save his life some months ago by helping him hide from a raiding orc party. The hobbit himself was a good friend of the Woodsman Odo and the two accompanied Dreft to Esargoth in hopes of some employment bu a patron. However, Dreft’s initial contact had left Lake Town under scandal circumstances leaving the three with no prospects and no introductions to the local merchants.

While attending the market in Lake Town the fellowship witness a young street urchin being seized by a wild man of the north who claims the boy was trying to pick pocket him. He shouts “This is how we handle thieve sin my land” and began to un-peace bound his axe. Dreft spoke to the Hillman and tried to convince him that it was not the proper way to deal with the child, but rather a spanking would serve as well. However, the hobbit knew the Hill man were notoriously cruel to their children so he related a short song and rhyme that told the story of a man who was cruel to children and in the next life was punished. The Hillman took the story to heart and release the child to the locale authorities. (Both succeed in persuade and song checks).

Then Lady Rose Fleming Maylie appear and Dreft appealed to the captain to release the child to her. Lady Fleming, seeing Drefts and his companions are with fine words and kind hearts, asks for help in appealing to Councilman Brownlow, head of the merchants guild to help find these orphaned children that have been taken by a unknown kidsman and turning them into pick pockets.

A meeting with Councilman Brownlow began with introductions(Courtesy), of which Odo failed to make an impression due to his rustic upbringing. Nevertheless the fellowship convince the Councilman to take down the kidsman and have the children fall under the Lady’s care with assistance from the people of Lake town to raise them proper. The fellowship is drawn papers to give them authority to question the locals in the market square to find out where the children are hiding.

The group questions the young boy Oliver who claims innocence and confesses that one of the boys, Jack Dawkins, also known as the Artful Dodger (a title given to those of adept thievery) was who to look for. The group travels to the market squear as the afternoon sun is descending. And split up to investigate. Dreft talks to a local fruit merchant and learns that about the activities of the gang and how they operate. The Hobbit talsk to a local fisherman who explains the children are under the tutelage of one Thickerly Thaine Fagan and his goons. Finally, Odo manages to trail the Artful Dodger back to his hideout and gathers his comrades to infiltrate their lair.

The group sneal into the lair and discover Thickerly and his four thugs. They debate how to take them out without too much bloodshed and leave to consult Lady Rose Fleming. She urges them to hurry and take him out because if the watch is called they most certainly will scatter and be gone by the tiem they muster their forces. Taking her advance they return later and see only one gang membes awake in the room at guard.

Dreft takes a shot with his great bow and takes out the guard silently. The group attempt to sneak in further into the room but are spotted by one the children who screams. The rest of the gang wakes up and peers over the loft. The fellowship release their arrows again taking out two more thugs. A dog rushes down and attacks Dreft biting and snagging his ankle while Thickerly shouted for his men to press the attack. Dreft fights off the dog with his spear and Odo takes out another thug with his bow. Thickerly jumps down from the balcony and tries to slash the hobbit but quick small fellow dodged the blade and got behind Dreft. Dreft finishes off the dog and Odo fires his bow at Thickerly hitting him in the leg. The hobbit continues to fire his bow but the wily thug dodges and strikes at Dreft who fends off his blows with his spear. Finally, Dreft skewers Thickerly with his spear and pins him to the ground. The thief struggles to get back u[ but dreft steps on his wrist forcing him to releasing his blade in defeat.

The fellowship is paid for the bounty of Thickerly and his goons and prospects to meet a merchant interested in hiring them for a job.

Overall a pretty good session.

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