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PPGCon Introduction

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Welcome to the PPG Mini Online Convention Information thread.

[B]What is ?[/B]
Pen and Paper Games is a site that helps gamers find tabletop gaming groups in their area. Over 20,000 members have joined this site. One can find play by post games, gaming discussions, and developers sharing their newest products. Also there is a chat room with video, voice, and dice roller options on where chat games are played.

[B]Who created the site and runs the forums as of chat rooms?[/B]
Robert A. Howard - Owner
Matt James - Site Administrator
Jason Patterson - Chat Room Administrator
Morashitar - Moderator for the PPGCon

[B]What is a PPG Mini Online Convention?[/B]
The sites online convention invites roleplayers to enjoy one shot games in the chat room. Many GMs get together on this day and share their works. Occasionally published authors from the gaming industry visit the chat room to share their latest published designs. Starting on August 16th 2014 we hold the very first PPGCon in the chat room. From there we continue to host one shot games every 3rd Saturday of the month.

[B]What is a one shot game?[/B]
These games allow roleplayers to enjoy various game systems for the first time. Various GMs provide pre-generated character selections to choose from and a small quest that can be finished in about 3 to 4 hours time.

[B]What kind of games are played at this convention?[/B]
Many homebrews will be introduced, yet also there will be popular games played such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Champions, Heros System, GURPS, Fate Core, and Savage Worlds.

[B]How long does the convention last?[/B]
The first games start at 10 A.M. and the last ones begin at 8 P.M U.S. Eastern Time. These are the basic times yet many GMs will also accept "walk ins" on that day. At midnight we get together and celebrate the occasion together.

[B]Where exactly are the games hosted?[/B]
Please register at [URL=""][/URL] and explore the website. At the upper right hand corner of the site you will see a link indicating chat. When signed in click on it to enter the lobby room. [URL=""]Click here [/URL]to go directly to the chat room setup. Make sure to become a member at the main site three days ahead of time to be able to access the chat room.

[B]Who do I ask if I want to host a game at that site? [/B]
Here is a link to go directly to his profile - [URL][/URL]

[COLOR=#b30225]Very important:[/COLOR] Make sure to download the "Gamemaster Manual" on rules that are used for the event if you wish to become a GM for the mini con. [URL=""]Click here[/URL] to download.[/QUOTE]

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