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Beginning a One Ring RPG Campaign: Laketown Adventure/Esgaroth

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So following TOR's suggestion of having Esgaroth as a sanctuary to start, I decided to place an adventure in Lake Town itself. Lacking a introduction to the prominent merchants and noted individuals of Laketown, the fellowship is at its wits end trying to find decent work. An encounter with a street urchin pickpocket starts the adventure where the players are drawn into trying to save a group of orphaned children Called scale children. Very much based on "Dust Children" of vietnam, these children were left orphaned by the dragon Smaug five years ago and now are under the tutelage of one "Thickery" Thaine, a minor crime boss.

The heroes have two paths in this adventure: Either "rescue" the children as a prominent widow has asked them or gather and place the children in jail as the Merchant councilman demands. Either offers to give them introductions to prominent merchants and officials in lake town if they succeed.

The first encounter is the pickpocket incident. One of the PC's has a chance of being pickpocketed themselves but the main confrontation is when one of the young thieves is caught by a enraged Northman who tries to chop off the child's hand to teach him a lesson: "This is how we deal with these in the North!". PC's are allowed to diffuse the situation as they see fit (using words or fighting). This an ideal use of combat or using skills such as awe and persuade. If they fail or choose not to help the child from losing their hand, they can earn a shadow point.

The second encounter is the Watchman coming with his "What's all this then?" and the PC's trying to explain their actions. Maggie McClarrion, the NPC heroine appears to help the players, especially if they saved the young boy from his fate. Its at this encounter I start using some prolong actions (3 rolls) in order to explain their side of the story. A Failure means they could pay a fine or have weapons peacebound or confiscated.

Maggie will try to get them to appeal to Councilman Vehmont to deal with the children's problem.

The third encounter is with Councilman Vehmont who has his own idea on how to deal with the children. It takes a prolong action (5) to convince him to go along with Maggies suggestion of rescuing the children and building a home for them. Right now he is willing to support throwin them all in jail. Players that get his support have deputy status to investigate the case with authority(cooperation with members of the community). Failure means they have to do it on their own. He may even counter offer and give them the authority if they promise to throw the children into jail--another moral dilemma.

The forth encounter is all out investigation (5) in locating the gangs hideaway. Successfully completing this allows them to gain the upperhand on Thickery's operation. Failure, and Thickery is ready to take care of the fellowship.

The final encounter is with Thickery in his lair which can be a negotiation or all out fight.

The aftermath: The fellowship gains the introduction in either case unless they totally choose to go their own direction and alienate either NPC. XP and AP are rewarded and their is no treasure to speak of. Of course none of this can be used until the Fellowship phase which would be after the third adventure.

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  1. wizarddog's Avatar
    I changed the names of the NPCs to match the names from Chrales Dickens Oliver Twist-Thickerly Thaine fagan was the only exception.