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Beginning a One Ring RPG Campaign

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My next project (even as my Pathfinder game has just hit a major Arc) is to run a Cubicle 7: The One Ring (TOR) Campaign in the possible future. I have yet to play or Loremaster the game so I have been trying to get familiar with the rules and design adventures to meet my needs. One of the major undertakings is for me to adapt the Against the Slave Lords Hardback into a TOR campaign. I liked the series though I never wanted to play 1st or 2nd AD&D ever again as I found the systems too limiting and converting to PF or 3.5 is too much of hassle. Furthermore, I gave up on 4e, I did my collaborative game approach a year back and it did not go as wella s I hoped but pushing the limits on games has been my focus for a while.

The One Ring lends itself to heavy roleplay so I approached ASL in much that way. The first adventure Danger at Drakshelf Quarry is an excellent beginning adventure by Skip Williams that has a good story reminiscent to the Dungeon Crawl Classics series. My focus will be on the role playing aspects, so the area of the adventure not relating to the mines, slaves, and characters is discarded basically the whole Caverns section.

I would place near the Mountain Hall in the Wilderlands as Woodsmen of that area do use the mines. As the series progressed, the events take place further north into Mount Gundabad.

The humans and goblin foes are easy to keep. Bugbears would be upgraded to orcs.
I choose to keep the mud tigers though the creature is not even remotely Tolkien. Instead, I may choose to make them wargs. Brubrok can be a half-orc or orc parading as dwarf and half orcs are part of the Tolkien Mythology. and his accomplish Glyrthiel is an elf which could easily be taken by the shadow. I that case, Brubrok should be as tough as an orc chieftain while Glyrthiel would have to be a custom foe. The clerics in the lower level would not have any special abilities.

My focus is for the players to try and find the missing Spy located in the quarry mines, interact with the main villains, and hopefully lead a slave uprising--or anything as anything is possible. What would be foolish is to have a full scale assault on the quarry as combat in TOR, while simple, can be deadly.

Next Blog will include some encounters as they travel from LakeTown to Woodland Hall.

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