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The Story Of Carodwen NightWillow(WoW Character I play Now retired and faction changed)

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This is the story of my World of Warcraft character I play on Anvilmar Server. She is a level 90 Druid Night Elf(Troll now) and my Main toon. She did light RP on her old server. I started playing this after i left Dark Age Of Camelot. I miss my friends there a bunch! Dwyndalynn is my lvl 50 Avalonian Thurgiest but shes another blog hehe..

Anyway this is the Story of Carodwen Nightwillow I wrote it to kinda go along with the rp aspect of her old server based on the lore of the game so Enjoy. She is now lvl 90 on the Anvilmar Server in <Asylum>.
I was fostered shortly after my birth by my loving godmother, my mothers best friend, Alyannya near Shadow Glen, I had many struggles growing up, never knowing my mother or my father, They died when I was a young babe. My mothers best friend took me in and raised me among her own. I was taught how to heal and how to survive and everything I needed to protect myself and those around me.

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I was more of a loner by nature and always fantasized about adventure.It was my fantasy that kept me going. I studied everyday with Alaynnya and my teachers to be a the perfect Restorative Druid. I chose that lifestyle because my mother was a Restorative Druid and in my eyes it was a way to connect with my mother. Alyannya would tell me stories of how my mother would chase the kids in the village in one of her favorite forms, the Cat and give them rides in her Swift form The most Beautiful form of all. Alyannya told her many stories to keep my parents alive in spirit.
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The story I would never forget is how my parents died. It was during a celebration of marriage. A couple in our village made vows of love that day. It was the only happy moment of that day. Everyone was dancing and feasting and having a grand time when all of a sudden demons alongside with many members of the a neighboring orc tribe, Ambushed the festivities and began slaughtering everyone. The villagers began running, scattering famliys trying to find places of safety. the sentinels in dolanar began fighting and trying to get the army to retreat. It seemed as though it was a battle to be lost.

I was told my mother could no longer hear the screams of the dying villagers and the warcrys from the enemy. She took form and began to fight. taking out every person she attacked. My father, being a great hunter, began to fight as well slaying enemy after enemy. When all of a sudden a being no one to this day will speak of came. He raised his arms and casted a spell so mighty that in one blow everyone on the field was vanquished,even the enemy. My mother and father lost their lives that fateful day. Hearing that story I vowed that one day no one would have their family ripped apart by evil ever again. It must never happen ever again. So as I study I keep that in mind, as my powers grow stronger everyday. I will make sure that the good in the kingdom will prevail, If it takes my last breath to do it.

As I grew older so did my godmother, Alyannya. On her death bed, Alyannya told me, "Go Carodwen live your dream your were meant to be something in this world. I have seen you become more like your mother everyday, strong and powerful kind and loving. In life you will meet many people make many friends, as well as enemy's. But in the end you will endure it all and become someone your parents would have been proud of. I am sure of it. I am proud of the woman you have become and I love you.

Remember always the love and the good in your heart. Never forget the sadness and the pain for it will bring you happiness in the end" And then with her last breath she was gone. I was now alone and I decided to leave on my journey and to make those friends and make them proud of me.Along the way I learned many things. I am now a Shapeshifter and in the end will have many forms just like my mother.

I study the Healing magic of the Druids and cast quite well so I have been told. I also have taken up Fishing and cooking. But I am also a Master Tailor and Herbalist. I befriend all whom I meet and try my best to help them when in need. I have come to learn Friends are what will make my Adventure great, and its friends who will help me along the way.

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  1. jpatterson's Avatar
    Nice. Creative and informative about not just the background but also the actual skills of the character, game-wise; well put-together!