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Blond Gamer Girl

Just A Warm Body

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Recently and its not the only game or the only person this has happened with but there are players who show up to a game and just play games on their phone or notebook all game. I do mean ALL game not just checking email or messages real quick.

I'm in two different games with two different GMs and different players and each one has a warm body only player. Warm bodies just take up space and take time away from the game. The GM will try all kinds of methods to engage the player which takes away from interested players.

As a player, I've witnessed a few different scenarios:

a. The player plays a character who treats the other characters like dirt. Really, who wants to hang out with a jackass. Well, that's on the player.

b. GM Bias: I seen games where one player is way more powerful than the other players so the other players will tune out. That one is on the GM.

c. Player disinterest - nuff said. They consider this to be acceptable most all the time. Like folks who go out to dinner with a couple people but spend the entire time on the cell phone.

If its a or b, it is solvable by just tackling the problem head on instead of dancing around.

However, when it is player disinterest, why bother? As a former GM, I would talk to the players to see if it was solvable. If it was simple disinterest or that's just how they are (RUDE and that way in all their games), I booted them out. I would rather have fewer but interest players than have an oxygen stealers.

RUDE Players - Why not just stay at home and play video games?

GMs - Why waste game time going after the bad?

Seriously, I'm very curious.

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  1. micalus's Avatar
    This is So refreshing to hear similar complaints from people in other games. In one instance I confronted the person and he "rage quit". But we did not see along similar lines anyway and his playing was Highly erratic when he did play. And if a GM is bored, it is time and past time to swap out GM's, even for a board game. Taliman and red alert come to mind. Doing a board game every now and hen mixes things up and is good for the group. We go the extra mile depending on how long we've know the person and the chore it is to bring in new players (especially if they were good GM's in the past).
  2. Narayan's Avatar
    I think a lot of people are suffering from over-stimulation. Their phone is like an umbilical cord to the social network. Games and fun apps turn adults into 8-year-olds seems to me.

    I started playing D&D before cell phones and internet, and some of the best games were out camping with friends because literally... there was very little else to do.

    I wish there was an easy answer. Attention spans are not getting any better with most people seems like.
  3. nijineko's Avatar
    Addiction and the 'now' culture rear ugly heads. ^^ Worse when they overlap.

    my first official rpg session was over at a friends house. my first d&d session was at scout camp, very productive, if not in merit badges. lol.

    i am very glad to game with Epic Fetch. ( we are on a hiatus right now due to sked conflict, but looking forward to seeing it come back after the quarter ends.