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The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands

Sample Monster Statistics for Memories Remain, Record #1

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Abyssal Scavenger
Level 29 Minion Brute
Medium Elemental Magical Beast (Demon)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: understands Abyssal
Str 30 (+24) Con 17 (+17) Dex 27 (+22) Int 8 (+13) Wis 26 (+22) Cha 6 (+12)
Bluff +17

Immediate Actions
Undulating Form (at-will reaction trigger - an enemy makes a melee or ranged attack against the abyssal scavenger) Shift 1.

Minor Actions
Resume Form (requirement: the abyssal scavenger must be wearing another's form as per Invade Form) Close Burst 4 targeting one creature; Fear +32 vs. Will; the abyssal scavenger gains combat advantage over the target until the end of its next turn and then makes a Barbed Strands Lash attack as a free action against the target; Effect: the abyssal scavenger resumes its natural form.

Vicious Assault (encounter) The next attack the abyssal scavenger makes prior to the end of its next turn targets the lowest defense of its opponent.

Move Actions
Speed 5

Basic Standard Actions

Barbed Strands Lash (at-will) Reach 4 Basic Unarmed +34 vs. AC; 22 dmg

Standard Actions

Corporeal Instability (recharge 6) Melee Disease +32 vs. Fortitude; 15 dmg and the target must make a saving throw at the end of its next turn or be afflicted by a level 29 disease.

Invade Form (encounter) Melee Polymorph targeting one helpless enemy of size small to large; Unarmed +34 vs. AC; the abyssal scavenger's body is removed from play and the target is dominated (save ends); if the target is dying, it heals one hit point; 1st Failed Save: target loses the ability to save vs. invasion at the end of their turn until the end of the encounter. (The target may still make saving throws if they come from another source, such as Heal Check or a warden's Font of Life.); 2nd Failed Save: the target dies and is removed from play; the abyssal scavenger is returned to play in the form of the target's body and wearing the target's equipment; Aftereffect: the target takes damage equal to its bloodied value and the abyssal scavenger reappears in an adjacent unoccupied square.

Stealth +22
PP 32 PI 32
Initiative +22
AC: 41 Fort: 43 Ref: 41 Will: 41
HP: 1/0
Missed attacks do no damage.

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Updated 10-08-2013 at 01:04 AM by Umiushi

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  1. Malk0lm's Avatar
    Formidable! This looks very exciting!