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Hakkenslash RPG Kickstarter Coming Soon!

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With the play-testing having commenced for my Hakkenslash RPG and the results so far being quite satisfying, I'm now preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of October with the goal of raising the money needed to pay the artists and layout editor who will be contributing their efforts to the book. As well, of course, are the initial printing costs.

There will be several goodies available for backers, from credits to pdf's, to soft/hardcover print copies, custom dice and even logo'd T-shirts!. From there, if the campaign is successful and goes into 'stretch' mode, I'll begin working on including an intro module, a referee screen and other fun stuff.

So stay tuned! And if you're interested in checking out the system, you can download the initial playtest rules pdf for FREE at

As well, you can download a free Hakkenslash character sheet at my own website,

Have fun, enjoy and follow the instructions in the foreword to submit your own feedback from your playtest experiences!

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