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Hakkenslash RPG - The game hack based on simplicity

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There are many systems like it. This one is mine.
In the time-honored tradition of fantasy gaming, I've spent many days and nights pouring over giant tomes known as rule books, learning new systems, new editions, new rule erratas... at times I thought my head would explode. Along with countless others, I have retreated to the past style of old-school gaming - that which we now know as OSR.

Even now, as I sit down with new players at my table - some having never played, having only recently returned after a several year hiatus, or even moving from a much more rules-heavy system, I sometimes see their confusion and confuzzled faces as they try to figure things out. Descending AC can get confusing. Which way does that roll go for the save? Up or down? It can be downright confusing even at the best of times for some.

Now comes the good part. Over the last several months, I've been going over some of my old house rules, recollecting those of past DMs/GMs I've gamed with, and bits-and-piecing together a system built on some of the most basic semantics and mechanics. Something with an old school feel without a page full of stats and a need to run to the store or online to spend crazy money on multiple types of dice. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dice! I revel in the sound of a d20 rolling across the table!

What I'm aiming for here is a three-fold purpose.

  1. A system that even beginners can grasp onto easily and quickly. Even from the GM side of it.
  2. A system that players who just aren't into pouring through a hundred pages of stats, charts and other fluff to play.
  3. A system veteran GMs (or referees, as they're called in Hakkenslash) can quickly read through with their players and get a game up and running practically on the fly.

With these concepts in mind, I present to you: HAKKENSLASH!
This system's core is a 2d6 system (you'll never need more than your 2d6 to play) and a 'classless' character system that provides a bit more diversity. Can a sword-wielding warrior cast mage spells? Yes...though at a cost, such as not wearing armor at the time. Can a holy champion of his god pick a lock or attempt to steal a coin pouch? Yes! However, I wouldn't recommend it if he wants to continue upon his path of righteousness. Can a fireball slinging wingnut call upon the gods to smite his foes with holy wrath? I have to draw lines here and there, for the sake of balance, you know.

I have completed the player guide section of the playtest rules pdf at this time (except for the spell descriptions) and am finishing up the referee side of the rules, with the plan of releasing the playtest this weekend.

If you're looking for something new, something quick and easy, then I emplore you to check out Hakkenslash and give the playtest a shot!

Being part of the playtest, providing your feedback and communicating with others of the community is done by joining my Google+ community. There you can find the link to the playtest rules as I have them so far, as well as a character sheet for the initial phase of the playtest.

Come on over, request to join and let's make magic happen!

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