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The horror of Yukon

why not

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never kept a blog before, but this forum gets me all nostalgic. Some stories I have posted on the forums, but thought I could post some stories of my favorite gaming group when I was really into the game (and had the time to be) of 1e AD&D.

First, I remember I had to practically beg my friends to allow me to join (never thought you'd hear a high schooler have to beg to fit into a nerd group). At the time, I was an avid fan of final fantasy, and Might and Magic II: book of something or other.

My close friend was telling me about the game, how it worked, and some stories from their adventures. I instantly thought this could be cool.

They finally gave in, and allowed me a stab at it. While they got dinner, I sat down with the DM to make my character. I wanted to be a barbarian (my favorite class from M&M2). Of course, the DM didn't have the Unearthed Arcana and we only played 1st ed. So I thought, what about this druid. What's it do?

"Oh that's a nature based cleric" From M&M2, clerics were wussy healers. I didn't want that. I wish he would have let me read the entry, because Druids are one of my favorite classes.

So I came across the paladin, they weren't bad in M&M2, I'll try that. DM LOVED paladins, so he let me reroll my stat set like 15 times until I got the required 17 (or 18) for the paladin's charisma. Last moment, I bailed out and went back to my barbarian concept. Decided to be a rough and ready fighter with a big sword and shield. I was Big Ivan of Ausenguard (viking-like barbarian [stupid non-charimatic powerhouse], not realizing elves were hairless upper-class fairies. Put that 18 in strength (rolled only an 15 for the percentage) put on some leather and was ready to fight.

It was an uneventful night of gaming: Introduced Ivan to the party, took care of some business in town (training), and the such.

Training sucked in this game. You had to pay 100 gp per level of training, and 4 days per level, and you didn't get one stinking experience point until you trained.

Side note, sorry. But when we were on our way to town B, we camped out and all of a sudden (with my fancy infravision), I spot a figure in the distance. It's a satyr. Short of the details, I played a major part in kickin' its butt (but fell unconscious too).

Minimal amounts of exp pts, a lot of busywork details, and I fell unconscious, but damn it was fun.

Must get back to work, but will reminisce more about our shenanigans.

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Updated 04-21-2009 at 08:03 PM by yukonhorror

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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    not realizing elves were hairless upper-class fairies