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The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands

Feng Shui Sample NPCs

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The Feng Shui scenario will not take place in the standard setting of the "Secret War." That doesn't mean some of the props won't be reused, as can be seen below with the inclusion of Buro-like weaponry. It will still be a world where magic and super-science can be found lurking not too far below the surface.

Leng Catacutan
Bod 8 (Mov 8, Str 8, Con 8, Tgh 8)
Chi 1 (For 1, Fu 4, Mag 1)
Mnd 5 (Cha 5, Int 5, Per 5, Will 5)
Ref 7 (Agl 7, Dex 7, Spd 7)

Driving +5 (12)
Gambling +4 (5)
Guns +4 (11)
Info/Streetwise +5 (10)
Intimidation +5 (10)
Martial Arts +6 (13)

Carnival of Carnage (Gun x4) - faster attacks and easier victories when firing on unnamed characters
Friend of Darkness (Fu) - when used, can act normally in darkness

H&K MP5 10/5/30
Norinco Type M-1911A1C 10/3/9+1

A migrant construction worker originally from Baguio, Leng's employer noticed that his penchant lay more towards "contract enforcement." This suited Leng fine until one night, after working over half a dozen debtors in quick succession to cover for bookmakers' losses he suspected were engineered from higher up, he just got sick of it all. The day he discovered there were more intelligences in this world than the merely human, it was like a kind of salvation. This world and the underworld: it's a cyclic harmony he contemplates when he's by himself, in the middle of the night, with a bottle of Crown 99, after killing many people.

Mister Jay Eleven
Bod 5 (Mov 5, Str 5, Con 5, Tgh 7)
Chi 0 (For 0, Fu 0, Mag 0)
Mnd 7 (Cha 7, Int 7, Per 7, Will 7)
Ref 8 (Agl 8, Dex 8, Spd 8)

Driving +10 (Max 15)
Guns +9 (Max 14)
Intimidation +1 (8)
Intrusion +2 (10 / 9 with armor)
Martial Arts +3 (Max 10)
Police +3 (10)

Eagle Eye (Gun) - can ignore personal armor
Fast Draw (Gun x2) - add +2 to initiative if attacking with a gun
Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs (Gun) - sense impending danger at +2 (9) and gain a bonus to reacting if that reaction involves shooting or dodging

Buro 9 (10/1/17+1)
Buro Blade of Truth (10/3/30)

Polymer Shell Uniform (Tgh +2 (9), Agl -1 (7))


Mr. J-11 could be taken for a cosplayer at whatever convention is being held in town this weekend, but that boxy armor he's wearing actually stops bullets; those ridiculously-proportioned weapons that look like they were glued together from silver-painted cardboard are quite lethal; and the long blue-violet hair that cascades down his back? No way it's "natural," but it does grow from the roots. Meeting him is a sign that you're on the right track, and he's here to derail you.

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  1. jpatterson's Avatar
    WHAAAT?! Umiushi the guy that runs D&D4? Running FENG SHUI? Did I fall through a hole in space time?!!!
  2. Umiushi's Avatar
    Hey, I've talked about it before on chat. In any case, this is only if the players agree to it; they will have a number of choices to consider, this weekend.