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Looking for group

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I am player just looking for a group thats close for playing roleplaying games. I am trying to see if i can find something what will work with my schedule. I have no real preference for game systems. I am free on saturdays mainly.

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  1. DeviloftheRealms's Avatar
    Where do you reside? If its anywhere near Columbus OH then give us a look.

    I am currently looking to try and add 1-3 more players to our group. We are all 30+ with jobs and/ or families. We each have at least 10 years of experience with the game (multiple versions, I have 20+ years in the game). We are hoping to add individuals who can play as well as DM. At some point we hope to allow another member to DM for a bit.

    We are currently 3rd level and it is a Forgotten Realms game set in Tethyr and its surrounding area. PHB race/ classes and Complete series Prestige Classes. We meet every other Saturday around noon for 4-8 hrs depending.

    We charge a participation fee of $40,000,000,000.00 per session. (this is negotiable to be paid via snacks, pop, pizza or paraphernalia)

    If your interested shoot me an e-mail at: