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Looking for Players

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Hi out there, I am looking to try and run three different games based off the same system, which each one will have possible effects on the other games. One game to be played online and ran weekly the other two actually will be played in person (or at least one of those for sure will be live) every other week. Here is the deal, the game is Exalted 2nd edition if you have never played the game it is fine and you are welcome to join. One group which begins on 4/20/13 already has 4 players and I am currently looking for one more. This is the Exalted Game;"Unearthed" a circle of 5 solar heroes. The second game is a Dragon-Blooded exalted game of 5-7 Dynast Exalted who are sent from the realm (acting as outcaste from the south) to find and bring back magical artifacts from a "lost realm." This game will be played on the other Saturday (the first two games will be played bi-weekly). The third game is a Sidereal Exalted game in which the 5 Sidereal try to uncover the lost realm using the other two game's players (Solar and Dragon-blooded, from behind the scenes for the most part) for something dark is centered around this "Lost Realm" that if not discovered and "fixed" may well lead to the end of the entire known universe. The sidereal work with each other out of employment, each having the choice of which faction they support (and the other faction they'll sabotage). That is my goal, three games all connected for they are all going after the same thing although the reasons will not all match and things may not turn out as other would like. I will be trying to write a novel based on the actions of the players as well as the plots I introduce (don't know if White Wolf Publishing will let me publish it, but I will try). If you are interested in joining up please contact me @ . Also feel free to leave comments good or constructive criticism. Thanks in advance.

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