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Its hard to go back

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So I have been playing Pathfinder and SR4A for awhile now and I was rereading the rules from 3.5 and SR3. I have found that while there are some things to like about the older games its really hard to go back to an older set of rules when you have played the newer set enough. The changes were made to make the game better and while some cool things may have been lost the newer games just play better. This is not to say you still cant have as much fun playing the older game its just that the newer game will alleviate some issues that may or may not come up in your groups playstyle. Once your used to the fix you dont want to go back. There are also a ton of great games out there but for some reason I always go back to D&D, Shadowrun & Vampire. Dragon Age, Warhammer Fantasy RP, Desolation, Dresden Files, just don't carry that same appeal. And while I may enjoy the newer rule sets I still miss thinks in the older rules. Ultimately though its all about the setting, for me I could play Vampire using GURPS or another system because its the setting that draws me in. And while I prefer the original mechanics to a generic system, at the end of the day the system is not as important as getting around a table and telling a great story in a world that I love.

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  1. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well put and agreed. I'm amazed at how many folks complain about not being able to find a game because they only want to play Pathfinder and not DnD or vice versa when it is the same setting. It's all about story and players.
  2. Golden Age Superhero's Avatar
    Yeah I know. Its just bothers me that you cannot find any other game but Pathfinder that people are willing to play. It's almost like they have blinders on and can't see any reason to try something different.
  3. Golden Age Superhero's Avatar
    Also some people, like me, prefer lighter systems that don't encourages optimization and power gaming.
  4. Gaia's Avatar
    I just got on to this site, but in taking the time to read some of the entries of the blogs, I have decided to at least reply to those I have something constructive to say. In this instance I appreciate individuals able to speak on what they feel and actually look at things from both ends. In the end I also agree that no matter the game it is the players (including the referee) that makes the game. I have seen great systems butchered by the players and poor systems uplifted because of the players. I think that although new editions improve on the games previously released that in the end the goal for the publisher is more financial. An older system has newer versions and keeps going because of the success that the previous versions have laid out for them. There will always be good games being produced and bad games but know that we make the choice on how good are experience can be. Like "Golden Age Superhero" I don't care to much for power gamers (at all), although I don't mind playing systems where the characters are powerful to begin with. My preference is games where the characters build from nothing to something far greater in the end. I also like players who know how to role-play and build characters with lives that jump from the papers they were set on (and the players willing to try and get into the settings in which they play). Keep it Gaming or stop playing
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