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King Maker - Session 1: Welcome to the Stolen Lands!

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Capture bandits, slay kobolds, get... radishes? Profit!

24th of Cailstril:
12:00 - Four set out that day, each holding an exploration charter from the Lord Mayor of Restov, to go forth and explore the Stolen Lands. Oghren, the dwarven barbarian, does not understand much in the ways of the world, but he finds himself a purpose of honor to dispatch the thieving bandits of the Greenbelt. Erlarf the Fat, and Human Fighter, seeks to protect his company with his huge size and massive tower shield any way he can. Verin, the Orcish Cleric, though initially scorned by Oghren found no reason to start a fight seeing his own purpose in line with that of the dwarf, set out to forge an alliance with an unlikely companion. Drusilla, a Kitsune Rogue, seeks to aid the group only while drawing as little attention to herself as possible. The four set out from Restov to Oleg’s Trading Post, which was set to be a 4-day journey.

28th of Cailstril:
15:00 - Upon arrival at the trading post in the Greenbelt, they were greeted by Oleg Levetan and his wife Svetlana at the gate and immediately Oleg began questioning them about taking care of the bandit problem. Oghren, simple in nature, replying that the bandits were one of their “tasks.” Once Oleg briefed the group about the bandit’s past activities and their expect arrival the next morning, the party devised a plan of ambush to surprise the bandits when they returned to claim their “taxes.”

1st of Pharast:
6:00 - The next morning, their plan was well laid out. Oghren hid behind the guesthouse, greatsword in hand, and would wait for the bandits to pass. Erlarf climbed on top of the guesthouse with his massive tower shield and intended to perform a vertical shield bash on the nearest target. Verin hid behind the old broken cart, the same one he spent an hour the previous night fixing with his divine magic, with his greataxe at the ready. Finally, Drusilla posted herself on the palisade above the main gate and would pepper the thieves with arrows. The bandit arrived promptly just after the break of dawn, and beat on the door with intensity demanding entry. Oleg hesitated for a moment before opening the gate, making sure his little raiding party was in position. The bandits came strolling in like the owned the place, and Oleg slowly began to back away around the guesthouse. There were only four of them, and as soon as one of them progressed beyond the guesthouse, Oghren charged excitedly. Perhaps it was the rush of battle, or maybe a simple mistake, but his blade never found it’s mark. Drusilla was equally unlucky, as her bow failed to pick off the lieutenant from above. Verin, however, would strike the first blow. Charging in from behind the cart, he swung his long axe nearly cleaving a bandit in two, and sent him flying towards Oleg spraying blood all over him. The bandits, surprised by the ground assault, never saw the armored large man atop the guesthouse. Erlarf the Fat, leaped down from the guesthouse, spiked tower shield first, squashing a second bandit. The bandits tried to fight back, but they were severely outmatched and outflanked. Oghren’s second attempt to slay his quarry proved more fortuitous, as he struck so hard as to split the body in half. The leader, seeing his subordinates all laying dead on the ground, attempted to flee but was caught and subdued by Verin’s divine power.

6:15 - Once the prisoner was conscious again, Verin and Drusilla were collectively able to extract the location of not just the Stag Lord’s Fort due south of the trading post, but also a camp staged along the river southwest of the post as well. Oghren, bound by his barbarian honor and pride, did not want to allow the cowardly bandit to live despite the promises of the Orc and the Kitsune. Oleg however, vengeful and angry, came up with an even worse fate for the thief. They decided he would hang outside the walls by his wrists, naked, without food until he starved to death. This satisfied the barbarian, as he sat in the grass for hours watching the bandit suffer while enjoying some venison, cheese, and ale all compliments of Oleg’s food stores.

7:00 - Oleg was so pleased that the four adventurers were so effective in dealing with the thieving wretches that he insisted on the four staying the remainder of the day as his guests so they could stock up and prepare for their journey through the Greentbelt. They traded some of the haul they acquired from the bandits to utilize Oleg’s cart with the help of the 6 horses the commandeered from the bandits.

2nd of Pharast:
6:00 - Seeking the bandit camp the prisoner spoke of, the four traveled southwest, and ended up finding a clearing in a forest that housed a large patch of a strange sort of radish.

10:00 – This patch, however, was guarded by 5 well fed kobolds. Verin thought that the kobolds could be reasoned with while Oghren thought to just kill them all since Svetlana had asked for the radishes to make her special soup. Turns out that the kobolds wanted nothing to do with diplomacy and attacked the four after a few short exchanges of “go away” in draconic. The four made quick work of the kobolds, being weak creatures and standing no change against their mighty blows. Once the fight was done with, the four collectively decided that fresher radishes would be better so they loaded up the cart with as many radishes as they could find and set off back to the trading post to deliver them.

14:00 – Upon arrival, Svetlana was more than pleased to get her radish supply so quickly. Then, seeing an opportunity to assault the bandit camp undercover of darkness, the four prepared to set back out into the wilds of the Greenbelt once again…

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