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King Maker - Adventure Summary

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Player Characters
Oghren – Dwarven Barbarian. Less talk, more ale!
Erlarf the Fat – Human Fighter. Imma’ squash ’im!
Verin – Orcish Cleric. Can there be a peace between us?
Drusilla – Kitsune Rogue. Oh no, you did NOT see me…

Non-Player Characters: The Friendlies

Lord Mayor of Restov – Bestower of the quest to explore the Stolen Lands and thwart the threats
Oleg Levetan – Owner and operator of “Oleg’s Trading Post.” Likes moon radish soup, dislikes strangers.
Svetlana Levetan – Oleg’s wife and a mean cook. Missing is her wedding band to the bandits.
Crazy Old Bokken – According to Oleg, an old coot that lives south of the post and makes strange concoctions with weird fruits and berries.

Non-Player Characters: The Hostiles

A bandit lieutenant – Human Male – Met an unfortunate end at the hands of the party when he led a 4 man team to extort furs and trade goods from Oleg.

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