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Hey I Can Chan

The Islands: The New World, Part 1

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The New World

The new world is lush and beautiful, yet with untold promise comes terrible danger. The new world sparkles but darkly. And the old world wants it.

Your character can’t be from the new world. You start play here, yes, but you didn’t start here. The issue is one of cognitive disconnect: If only one PC were to be from the islands, I’d have to give that one player all the information he would have and not give it to everyone else and then play a different game with that one player. Or I have to give all the information to everyone and then tell everyone but that one player whose PC is from the islands to forget they had that information. Those are both too hard. So, no, you can’t be a native. You’ve to learn about the islands like everyone else.

That said, you ask…

“How Did I Get Here?”
The short answer: On something that floats.

The long answer: Pick one from below or make up your own. Develop it in your head or write it down. Keep it to yourself or share it with everyone. But be prepared to share at the table when your time comes. Surprise everyone, even yourself, but be prepared to work in someone else if they have a similar idea. But beware: Your story must end up with you on a Clenchwart ship in the middle of a tropical thunderstorm. In what position is up to you; anything but captain is fine.

  • The navy needed marines. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Courtiers are liars. Especially when they’re after your girl.
  • The merchant’s offer was impossible to refuse. So you didn’t.
  • It was this or another day in the factories. This should have been better.
  • Everything was fine until the death ship showed up.
  • Genies make poor navigators, and they won’t fight dragon turtles.
  • The Emperor needs food! Badly! Let’s round up some savages!
  • The Celestial Bureaucracy doesn’t believe in orc pirates. You do.
  • The Witch must have made your parents sell you to the foreigners.
  • It’s not that long of a walk from the jungle to the desert.
  • You see all kinds of crazy things after seven weeks on a raft.
  • If you motivate a hundred lunatics, they can take a Clenchwart ship.

And now that you’ve got that figured out, you ask…

Next: “What Do I Know about Where We Are?”

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