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Hey I Can Chan

The Islands: Introduction and Clenchwarton

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The Campaign

This begins with where you came from (“The Old World”) and transitions to where you are (“The New World”) and ends with cleanup sections on language and religion. This is all the information I’ve written about these places. I have concepts, ideas, and threads bouncing around my brain, obviously, but to give you more I have to write more, and I’d rather play more. Make wise decisions if you want more information.

Further, as this world has only just been born—and I totally don’t expect it to last in its current state through the whole campaign—you are welcome to just toss shit in. This is a collaborative process. If you’ve ideas you want to see, make us see them. Don’t be afraid of saying, “Hey, Rob, I think it would be awesome if…” because I am all about the awesome ifs.

The more you contribute, the more real the campaign becomes.

The Old World
The old world is far away, and the empires that span the old continents are dying. The old world is ruled by children, drunken monarchs, depraved sultans, merciless emperors, paranoid chiefs, and anarchic felons.

You’ll be adventuring in the new world.

The islands—they’re the future. But the past keeps getting in the way.

These nations are the past.

The ruler of Clenchwarton is Queen Claudia Friskney. She has accumulated over a hundred other titles in her 3 years on the throne as the forces of Clenchwarton wage a brutal war of attrition against the gargoyle hordes to Clenchwarton’s south. Queen Claudia is 12 years old and is everything you would expect of a person that age who is also royalty. A hereditary monarchy, Clenchwarton has been ruled by the Friskneys for hundreds of years. Queen Claudia, as first-born child, assumed the throne after her father’s death, but her 3 younger brothers are both popular and, obviously, male. It remains to be seen how long Queen Claudia will maintain her crown as civil unrest and poverty grip the land because of an endless war no one likes. But every courtier in the land is jockeying for the child-queen’s hand in marriage so he can be the next King of Clenchwarton.

If you’re Clenchwart, you’re from fantasy Shakespearean England, except instead of Queen Elizabeth in charge, there’s a petulant 12-year-old girl, and instead of hating on the French you’re besieged by gargoyles. You probably drink a lot. You worry about catching strange diseases from your food, the rats, and all the prostitutes you frequent. Your job is 80 hours a week at a factory where beatings are supposed to improve both productivity and morale. When you fall into debt, you are imprisoned until your family settles up for you. You’re probably human, but a fair number of dwarves, elves, gnomes, and halflings live in Clenchwarton. You worship at the Church of the Dragon, Sinister.

The Clenchwart discovered the islands only in the last 20 years. Their discovery has led Clenchwarton, an island nation and already a naval powerhouse, to new heights of industry. The royal navy has doubled in size since the islands’ discovery, and Clenchwart seamen are as legendary for their sailing skill as they are for their inebriation and lechery.

For Clenchwarton, the islands are hope. For the Clenchwart people, the islands are opportunity.

Pick a biblical first name. Then pick a city in England with fewer than 100,000 people as a last name.

Tomorrow: Waclaw & Mastoorah

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  1. Banshee's Avatar
    Very well written. I'm intrigued and I look forward to reading more about Clenchwarton and the New World as it unfolds.