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ACKS vs. D&D

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I supported the ACKS (Adventurer, Conquerer, King) Kickstarter because it sounded like the kind of thing I always wanted the games I played in to be.

I have not read my softcover rules, but have had them set aside in a safe place until time and circumstances permit reading them.

I have done some review of the PDF form of the rules and followed some of the online discussion on the website.

I'm not into multiple gaming systems like when I was younger. I don't have the time and desire to immerse myself in multiple rule systems and genres. While I am a science fiction fan, I find that I am most at home in a fantasy framework. I have played D&D & AD&D since 1978, to me those rules are familiar and make the most sense.

Since ACKS is a retro-clone, it may be something I can fall back on, since AD&D rules are getting harder to come by legal copies (local game store) or are expensive (Gygax Memorial Re-prints). There are other retro-clones of AD&D that have free rules in PDF, such as OSRIC or L&L.

I'll have to post a review of ACKS once I finally dig in and get through it.

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