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Blond Gamer Girl

DnD 4e Psion Build

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Hello Everyone,

I have only played DnD five times in my I need some advice on a character build. I decided on the Eladrin race. I want my PC to have some Face abilities (for those familiar with Shadowrun), negotiating, manipulation, leadership and that sort of thing but not be sloppy in combat. We're allowed to start at 5th level.

When it comes to combat, I tend to attack/defend using inventive methods as opposed to straight up blasts. Yes - I'm a woman so I'm naturally devious.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks bunches.

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  1. wizarddog's Avatar
    It will depend on what sort of sources you are allowed or are using. The Psion class by its nature is not as "Manipulative" as a wizard concentrating on charm powers. It also is a Controller class, meaning its role is to put effects on foes on the battlefield.

    That said, if you want to roleplay the character is then a good charisma is the start. Next, you might consider skill powers for utilities rather than the stated powers allowing you to use one skill for another or rerolls.

    In 4e, hitting is everything and a Psion's main attribute is intelligence so you want it to be your highest with your charisma a good second. Since you get both as bonus you could reasonable have them at 20 and 18 by 5th level. Your high intelligence gives you a bonus with no or light armor to AC so either invest in Leather armor proficiency feat or unarmored agility feat. Next, get a background that either gives you a bonus on one of your main skills (Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Insight) or use it to get streetwise. Certain feats or skill powers will allow you to use one skill over the others. In addition, you are a ritual caster, so don't to forget to invest in any ritual that will aid in your negotiations. You might even consider multiclassing in Bard to get access to any bard rituals.

    I would take at least Dishearten as one of your 1st level at wills, Betrayal for your 3rd, and Crisis of identity for the 5th daily.