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Reaper Mini Kickstarter

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I know this is my blog, but I recently pledged to a kickstarter for the Reaper miniatures line "Bones". I'm not one to usually advertise for a company but this is so sick I thought I'd share it on here. So Reaper Minis have recently launched their BONES collection and they were looking for ways to explode their line. They've already surpassed that goal....but the deals you get for being a pledge member are just incredible. Currently for a 100 dollar pledge you are getting 93 miniatures for .93 cents. BUT this includes a metal sofie that goes for like 24 by itself and these figures go for $1.99-3.49 a piece. Check it out the website is:

I know there's a lot of us gamers out there that can't donate a lot. Even their smaller pledges have cool items....hell...there's a 15 dollars pledge that get's you 36 dungeon minis....that's less than a dollar a mini and you KNOW Reaper miniatures go for like $1.99-$5.00 per mini!

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