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Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.....Introductio n

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(as taken from the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth game module by Gary Gygax. I have added the chest with items donated by the March of Bissel as well as the wagon and two horses and the barrels with two weeks feed for the horses.)

Your party has been gathered by agents of the Margrave of the March of Bissel. He tells you that there are "political considerations," which he does not explain, that prevent him from searching for Iggwilv's trove himself. However, it is vital that the treasure not fall into the hands of his enemies. Your party's goal is to get the treasure before Bissel's enemies do. The Margrave has provided you with horses and a map showing the most probable location of the Lost Caverns. The Margrave will also give you an escort from Thornwood to a narrow trail leading from the easternmost arm of the Bramblewood Forest northward into the Yatil Mountains, the very heart of Iggwilv's old domain. The Margrave intructs you to return with three specific artifacts. They are Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn, the prison of Zagig, and the Demonomicon of Iggwilv. You have pledged to repay the Margrave for your horses, as well as any other equipment he provided, out of the monetary treasure obtained. You will also be required to pay a treasure tax of 15% on all money taken. He tells you that the remainder of the money, as well as any other magical items taken, are your reward for undertaking this perilous quest. However, you are warned under threat of dire punishment not to allow any magical items to fall into evil hands.

An examination of your map reveals that the track through the mountains has numerous branches. At the end of each track is a number, evidently standing for something unknown. The agents of the Margrave cannot tell you anything about their significance, except that it is likely that at one of the sites are the caverns you seek. Obviously, the map is incomplete, for from what you know of this part of the world, there are mountains where nothing but blank space is shown on the chart. With this map you must somehow find where the treasure is hidden. The more direct your route to the caverns, the less the likelihood of injury or death from the many perils of the journey. A scrap of parchment with a bit of doggerel on it might be a clue, or it might be of now use whatsoever, save to mislead you.

After a journey of a sen'night, your band haas reached the foothills of the Yatils without incident. It is morning and the sun is emerging over the peaks to the east. Before you is the narrow winding path, that looks to be almost wide enough for two wagons to passby each other. Behind you is the escort of horsemen riding south for home. Fortunately, you have sure-footed, mountain bred horses given to you to assure a swift passage to your destination. Due to their smaller statures, Flemin and Dunil have been riding the wagon, however the two horses pulling it are just as sure footed as the others being rode by the rest of the party. Before the escort left, you were told that his Grace, the March of Bissel himself has donated the wagon and a chest of items to the party to help aid them during this quest. An examination of the chest reveals the following items contained within, along with a piece of parchment that lists what each item is specifically.

1. Potion of Extra-healing
2. Wand of Magic Missiles (18 charges)
3. Ring of Protection +1
4. Large Tent
5. 4 torches
6. Mace +4
7. Quiver with 6 arrows +2
8. Battle Axe +2

Vellum map secured safely, there is naught else to do but proceed with the quest to find the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

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Updated 03-08-2012 at 12:07 PM by cplmac

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