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Vouru kasa

Ruffled Fur

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Not to Long ago I managed to get a few of my players to host a game for me since I havenít played in awhile. We did A Stormy Knight, So I wrote up a lvl one wizard (I'm a sucker for magic) and my team mate made a Monk, for my familiar I picked a cat which I named Sasha after a cat I used to own as a pet. Now We all know the joke wizards usually forget about there familiarís but I made it a point to show my players how an experienced wizard uses a familiar. During the game when we where attacked I would first used mage armour on Sasha to boost her AC to 19 heh nice little tank she made, but that was just step 1 heh heh after she was buffed with that I would then cast the sleep spell now this is where my strat got interesting. After my sleep spell I would have Sasha attack the sleeping enemy and Coup De Grace them! This proved very effective ^_^. During encounters I used this strat on a rat horde and then on a pair of Hobgoblins, Now there is nothing quite as pleasing as seeing the shocked look's of both player and DM when a cat kills a Hob in a hit LMAO! Well least to say I proved my point which is: Do not underestimate your familiarís wizards! They can be a potent allies! Hell to be honest my Sasha took out more monsters then ether me or my monk partnerÖ.

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