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Blond Gamer Girl

AYMS - Angry Young Man Syndrome

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To preface this, I am someone who’s successfully been in sales, customer service, maintained vendor relations and had negotiation training. It might be safe to say I know something about convincing folks to do things.

Training and experience aside, there’s a saying “you get more flies with honey than vinegar,” which I’m sure everyone has heard. Most of the time the honey saying works but about 5 percent of the time, one has to be a bit stern. Secondly, common sense really does count in life. Third, treat people as you wish to be treated.
Now in roleplay (yes role not roll), those same concepts should apply when establishing and maintaining contacts or negotiating to get what you want which are very important in certain games, especially the contacts portion.

In a game, What not to do -Take an established ally or contact who is a friendly and acts accordingly and treat them badly. So often the Angry Young Man (AYM) decides that they can talk smack and/or verbally abuse them (not in jest). After that the NPC says, don’t call me the next time you want a favor. The GM says cross Mr. Smith off your list of allies/contacts. AYMs always get upset because that was unfair. Not all young men do this but when it does happen it does seem to be done by males between the ages of 18-23. It has happened so often in my playing and GM’ing experience that it makes me wonder.

These AYMs aren't playing a jack@ass characters by background or usually ugly to other PCs. Outside of game, they're nice folks.

Even before I had all the training in the first paragraph, I knew about the sentiments of the second one. This has happened just too many times with various AYMs. Even though its a game and not RL, the same principles apply or should. Who in the world thinks that you win friends and influence people by being a jack@ss? Did I miss the memo?

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  1. Lazarus's Avatar
    What you have to say makes perfect sense. I would say many gamers get into the hobby to be able to be heroes and do things they could never do in life or recreate things they see on TV or in movies, which is totally logical. However, as you mention a lot of these players take things too far and get so into the 'I can do anything I want' and fail to take into account that actions have consequences. This is especially true with fantasy settings as they frequently do not have strong legal systems where the PCs will be subject to consequences for their actions.
  2. nijineko's Avatar
    make that most gms (laz excepted) don't enforce or describe well the natural consequences of actions. it also doesn't help if the characters are suffering from overpower syndrome. some people just want to be the i-am-god-guy-like-in-that-anime-i-saw-the-other-night or seem to think they have some right to be such a character. it is usually an individual issue, though occasionally it is exacerbated by a gm.