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The horror of Yukon

Converting 3.x to HERO: got to start somewhere (spells and certain core concepts)

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SOOO, I like to have a pet project sometimes. I WAS working on a board game, but kind of stuck on that right now, so I decided to pick up converting D&D 3.x/pathfinder material to HERO.

I really like HERO. I like its mechanics, and I loves its versatility. One thing I really DON'T like about 3.x. I hate you have to be level 20 to get X ability. It would be nice if I could get it when I want it (assuming I can afford it).

As such, I am converting SOME of the 3.x material to HERO. I may eventually offer to run a return to the temple of elemental evil version of the game (or similar), but for now, converting classes.

This COULD be a very large project, but I am keeping myself focused. First, no spells (or least very few). Some iconic spells like magic missile or cure light wounds may be defined, but others, I am going to do that on a case by case basis.

However, MOST spells will be part of a multipower that have the following limitations: OAF(-1), gestures (-1/4), incantation (-1/4), extra endurance (any). NO spell will have a material component. I always felt that was a pain and severely limits the spell. This limit WOULD be a high limitation, but to me it is easier to take it out and replace it with extra END. Also some spells might have extra time, but that depends on the spell and the player.

Instead of extra endurance, might have charges to reflect the limit of spell usage. That is where MOST comes in. Iconic spells that get used an insane amount (cure light wounds, magic missile, etc...) would be separate and just cost extra END, but have unlimited use. That way, a mage can be useful in combat.

Regarding spell failure due to armor, spells from that class will have the limitation: only in X or lighter armor. X being cloth (-1), light (-1/2), medium (-1/4).

Other than that, case-by-case basis. Also, I may let the player design his own spells if there isn't a good FIT in D&D, but affects HERO mechanics. Like ED/PD. Those could be construed as damage reduction in D&D, but I relate DR in D&D to damage negation.

Regarding some core concepts, I feel there should be no restrictions per say. There will be no weapon/armor restrictions (maybe as a limitation on a power), no alignment restrictions (although alignment can be reflected in the form of a complication), no skill restrictions, no set STUN/BODY level (to reflect HD type), no pre-defined BAB (OCV in HERO), and no spell limits/memorization. Regarding memorization, ALWAYS hated that concept. When the concept of sorcerer was introduced, I thought, HOW COOL!

Maybe to distinguish between "memorization" and non-memorization, have spell/prayerbooks (yeah looking at you druid/cleric) as a limitation on a VPP or multipower. But I may leave that up to the player.

The tricky thing is saving throws. Cause there is so much save or die situations, that is hard to model in HERO. Die may not ALWAYS be the case, but I was never a super big fan of "saves" in 3rd edition (especially in the hindsight of 4e).

Really, I am associating bonuses to fort saves as bonuses to CON, and using CON (versus EGO or PRE) as a way to resist CERTAIN spells. Again, case by case basis.

For Ref, that'd be DCV without a doubt.

For Will, that'd be EGO instead of CON.

Races and classes will be covered in this series of articles, so... stay tuned.

As for feats, this KIND of falls under spells. There are SO MANY, I may have to do a case-by-case basis. I might do some iconic ones, but thinking, pick a feat you like, and we'll make it into a power/talent. However, feats will NOT be a multipower. They will be like a CSL or an already defined talent, or something similar.

The point of this is to have the openness of HERO, but the feel and IDEAS of D&D 3.x (which there was a good amount).

Finally, how to treat stuff in HERO.

There will be no MCV. All powers involved with MCV will have ACV as a limitation/advantage so that it translates to normal DCV/OCV.

Healing: will use the same healing rules as I did with my FF HERO game in terms of "wounds". I don't want this super gritty game. I want you to get hurt like you DO in D&D, but want you to be able to heal like you do in D&D. And as STUN is recovered a ton easier than BODY (although weapons will most likely be HKA's) this may not even need to come up. Regarding REC, change recovery of BODY to REC/week instead of /month and space it out. I.e. REC 7 will recover one BODY per day.

For classes/races, I am going to go in an ODD order. So next time, will cover classes from complete adventurer and complete arcane.

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Updated 03-28-2012 at 08:17 AM by yukonhorror

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