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The horror of Yukon

FF HERO: reinstatement

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It has been a long while since I have posted anything.

Mainly, haven't had much to say.

However, now I have me a new party for my FF HERO campaign, so I thought I'd post summaries of that game.

Now we started from the beginning rather than from where I last left off. So it is interesting to see how they approach the adventure.

Instead of posting EVERYTHING that has happened, I will just introduce our new characters.

Choco Donny - a rambunctious cowboy from the chocobo ranch outside of Midgar. Midgar is planning on building a highway through the family ranch for a better route to the mithral mine and to Junon. Donny tries to go through the system to help divert the highway, but comes up empty. He joins Avalanche to stop this OUTSIDE the system.

He is a human "dancer" reworked to be a trick roper. With powers like a CON drain and entangle and martial maneuvers, Donny truly plays the support role.

Kyi - a former turk. With a crisis of conscience, he quits the turks to join AVALANCHE to stop the turks from doing more evil deeds. However, he has a secret even he is unaware. While being exposed to Mako, Kyi's body reacted in a truly unique way. Whenever under great stress, Kyi's body transforms into a demonic form that he cannot control.

Right now, the demon form is very simple. Over time, Kyi hopes to strengthen this form AND gain control.

Kyi is a wutai swordmaster. He wields a greatsword and has a ton of STR. At the first encounter, there was a serious damage discrepency. The player has NEVER played a ppg in his life, which has its benefits and drawbacks. As such, he min/maxed his player too much, which causes problem in terms of bad guy design in a HERO game. Either he can slice through baddies with the slightest of ease, or he is the ONLY one who can hurt the baddies. So we toned him back a bit and added the demonic form. This balances out the damage and makes for a more 3D character.

Djan is an outcast Viera Male Detective. His class is Rune Knight. He did not like the simple life of a Viera so came to the metropolis of Midgar. He joined up with a detective agency because of his natural aptitude for deduction. While investigating something for a third party, his partner was killed in an explosion caused by Shinra and he was injured slightly. He wanted revenge, and his contacts led him to Avalanche for a chance to avenge his friend and mentor.

So for next time, gate chrashing

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