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Talmek's Rants and Raves

A Bit of History (Part 1)

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Hiya folks,

I've considered starting a blog for some time, but with more than a little trepidation as I constantly question the topics of which I could see myself having enough expertise or interest in that I could write consistently about. So, as an introduction I will post my first entry concerning a topic I have no doubt of my experience on - my own past as a gamer.

My sordid affair with roleplaying games began rather innocently as a young child, around five years old. I had snuck into my older brother's room in search of...well, at the age of five I could only surmise that I was looking simply because (a) I was explicitly forbidden from doing so and (b) I was a bit of a troll to my older brother. Anyway, upon entry to that lost land I saw a menagerie of dirty clothes, dirty dishes, and a red cardboard box lid with a brave soul in mortal combat with a great red dragon.

I was forever entranced by that image or it's effect on me, at least up until my brother snuck up behind me and began violently assaulting me for trespassing in his room. However, while the bruises healed and we eventually both grew up, my imagination had already been put into motion by that single glance of a Dungeons & Dragons "Red Box" cover.

Fast-forward fifteen years. I've been in the Army for shortly over two years, married for a year and a half, and a father to a new baby girl. My days of bar-hopping and skirt-chasing seemingly already behind me (or so I thought at the time), I wandered around a bookstore near closing time in search of something to keep me occupied since it was my turn to stay up with my daughter.

Lo and behold! As I'm browsing the fantasy shelf I notice a phrase emblazoned upon the spine of a series of books that immediately take me back to my childhood - Dungeons & Dragons! Surely this cannot be one and the same game that caused me so much grief (and joy) so long ago!

As I open the book I realize that I'm reading rules for a much larger game than what is simply contained within this one tome. I read on that I would need to purchase the two companion books, "Dungeon Master's Guide" and "Monster Manual" in order to play the complete game. I hurriedly scan the shelf for these title, snatch them up and just as the "last call" is made within that store I'm walking out with a heavy load of three hardback books and a light heart, headed home to begin learning a game that influenced my reading habits for the next decade.

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Updated 03-04-2012 at 03:45 AM by Talmek