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Misogyny, Gamers, and Girls

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I will say it once.

There exists gamers out there who are misogynist pigs. They are horrible people, and I am sorry for anyone (male or female) who has been off-put by their behavior.

That said, using those bad examples of breeding to judge the rest of us males isn't exactly endearing. I have run campaigns with female players, played in campaigns with female players, and I'm pretty sure I could roleplay a female character without her being a cardboard cut-out, or a sex object.

Seriously though, give me a break. Unless I've somehow wronged you (which, considering that I have yet to play with anyone from P&P Games... yet... seems unlikely), I would really prefer if you kept your "Guys are pigs" attitude to yourself. Insinuating that the female mind is somehow impossible to grasp to males is insulting. Sure, a guy giving it his best will still probably be short of perfection. But screw it, I've DMed plenty of times things were falling apart terribly behind the screen while my players had great fun butchering their enemies. Perfection is impossible, get over it.

Yes, women gamers are hard to come by. Just because they lack a Y chromesome doesn't mean they should be treated (please see the second sentence of this post for my thoughts on this)- or treat anyone else- differently. Your gender is not a bludgeon with which to bash over our heads to get your way in a game. It's not a free pass to assume that all males are misogynistic pigs.

It's not a good reason to be a *****, either.

Sit the **** down. Roll dice. Have fun. The less people make a big deal about the gender of people playing tabletop games, the less of a problem it will be.

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