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Modifying Dungeons and Dragons 4e

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I am about to start a new D&D 4e campaign with my group, and the characters will be starting at level 7. Now as both a DM and a Player I have made some observations and would like to throw it out there to see what other people think. This is the first mod or house rule I am looking to make to my campaign. I have noticed that every player regardless of race/class always takes two feats within the first 10 levels of their character, sometimes as early as the first 4. Every character takes Weapon/ Implement Expertise and Weapon/ Implement Focus. Expertise gives you a +1 feat bonus to hit and Focus gives you +1 feat bonus to damage. Now as most know to hit is very important in 4e because if you don't connect with your hit then you don't deal damage and most power effects don't activate. Damage is important too because 9/10 times you win encounters by defeating all the monsters by depleting their HP. So with that in mind of course every character should have these two feats making them more a requirement than an actual free choice.

There are a ton of feats and alot of them do not get used or explored because lets face it you only have so many feat slots, and you want to make sure you have your plus to hit and your plus to damage covered. So I propose making this modification. Every race, not just humans, gets a bonus feat. This feat is restricted to selecting one of the Weapon or Implement Expertise feats. At level 4 you gain another bonus feat. This feat is restricted to either weapon focus or implement focus. This provides every character with the +1 to hit that progresses with tiers and the +1 damage that progresses with tiers.

My second modification would be to the Human racial features. I don't want humans to get 3 feats at level 1 because that's a little too much compared to the other races. So my modification would be to do away with the bonus feat and instead translate that into a +2 to your choice of Constitution or Charisma. Constitution because humans show themselves as hardy and enduring especially do to the fact they travel to many different lands and make a home where ever they roam. Charisma because humans have forceful personalities, being leaders, traders, merchants, etc... This mod puts humans in line with the other races receiving a +2 bonus to two abilities.

These are only two of the modifications I am looking to make I have more in mind but I will start with these two. I am looking for thoughts and comments from both Players and DM's.

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