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Visual Building/Room Creation for RPGs: Sweet Home 3D

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Although I posted this on my website, I feel like this is neat enough to reproduce as a blog post here:

So you'd really like to get a good representation of a building or room for your rpg session, to help immerse the players in their characters' situation? There are a number of ways to do that, but here I am going to tout Sweet Home 3D, a free 3d home design application, available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It seems to be a very tight mix between simple, user-friendly draw-and-drop and more advanced detail-oriented design, for those that want to go that extra step to get things *just right* for their floorplan. At its basic level, you can draw walls (at various angles) and place doors and windows, and designate "rooms" - you can even make round walls, and potentially buildings if I'm understand it correctly. You can choose heights, thicknesses, elevations, colors and textures for the floors and walls and resize and modify about everything in the program. Why textures? Because it has a 3d rendering mode also and even a photograph option, for nicely rendered 3d screenshots, plus there is also a "Visit" mode, where you control a little wireframe guy in the design/plan mode, and in the 3d render window, you can watch as you walk around outside and inside of your creation, to check it over to make sure there aren't any gaps or other problems - this is in addition to the normal overhead camera angles with zoom and pan.

I'm very impressed, especially for something free, and I have no doubt, while it has limits, the ability to import both textures (common graphics files) and even 3d objects, mark this as an app with limitless potential for RPG enthusiasts wishing to easily create their own locations and buildings.

Here is the very start of my own creation, the SugarLoaf Inn, which is a location created for an adventure I wrote sometime back - I'd like to see a finished version of the concept I have in my head, and Sweet Home 3D is just the program to allow me to make that happen. I recommend anyone interested in adding this type of detail to their games check this out!

Initial Stage of My Design: Full-Sized Image

Link/URL: Sweet Home 3D

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Updated 01-10-2012 at 11:19 AM by jpatterson

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