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Excerpts From An Adventure

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Dungeon Master:
"The ground steadily begins to slope downwards at a steady angle as you make your descent into the valley. A light fog slowly begins to engulf you, steadily growing thicker with every few yards that you travel."
"I light a torch and hold it before me as I take point at the front of the party."
Dungeon Master:
"The flickering light of your torch does little to reveal your surroundings as the ground finally levels out. You travel for some distance, now completely engulfed by the fog. Suddenly, the looming shadow of a darkened cottage comes into view. It's windows have their shutters open as well as it's front door. You see items of living strewn about the ground and inside, where not a living soul is in sight."
"Does it look like there was a struggle?"
Dungeon Master:
"Looking about the strewn items you cannot see any sign of a struggle. It looks like these items were merely dropped in place and left."
"I search the ground to sort through the tracks."
"And I investigate the inside of the cottage."
Dungeon Master:
"You take a careful look within the cottage and see food, tools and baskets but nothing else of seeming importance. A small fireplace sits across from the door, and it appears as if it had been used, but not very recently."
Dungeon Master:
"You search the ground and can find three distinctive sets of footprints leading away from the cottage and further down the dirt path."
To be continued...

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