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Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth II

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I have been asked to run the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth campaign module for another group that has formed in the area. Now, this won't actually happen until next about late Spring or Summer of next year. I am debating as to if I should post a campaign log for it here? Just not sure how many people are actually reading the campaign logs? Figure that I would see if I get any feedback here about the matter.

Actually, with the infrequency of the group that I ran the campaign for first getting together to game, it should be rather easy for me to do this. This group is also a lot smaller than the other one. They have been told that all the extra characters that are in the first group will not be available to them. This means that they will only have the orignal 6 characters to choose from. If they get a couple of more people, then they would have the other two added to the original tournament 6. Basically everyone from when I first ran it with the exception of the mage Veda and the fighting monk.

I will also be reigning in what is done on various electronic devices and other non gaming stuff while we are playing. This has seemed to gotten to be the norm at the original group and has lead some of the people there to not really enjoy the sessions. As has been said, the first group has become "broken" due to it being more for just socializing as opposed for gaming. For more specifics, I can PM back to those that have questions.

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