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Itching to get a game session in.

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It has been so frustrating in that it seems that with our large group, there seems to always be something that keeps us from being able to meet and game. I will admit that with my duties at the fire department, my availability has been restricted the past couple of months, but as the DM, when I was able to run a session, either many folks weren't able to attend or the folks that host our game sessions weren't available. This is why that when we have been able to have a game session this year, I would run a couple of the party characters as NPCs just so that we could get some gaming in. Luckily, one of the members has a daughter that is able to sit in and run a character of a missing player when we need as well.

With such a large group, this problem is sort of to be expected. Just didn't think that it would be as bad as it has this year. We are hopefull that come November, we will be able to get back to a more regular gaming schedule. I like to try and have 2 sessions a month (approximately every other Saturday). At one point, we had 14 people in the group. We are now down to 11, and then have the one player's daughter as a backup for a missing player. Myself and the other 2 members that have run games for the group have discussed it and are in agreement that we will not add any more members/characters to our games. We would be willing to have the other 3 people back, but of them, only one really seems as a posibility now.

When we finally get to have our next game session, the party is in for some "fun". There will be a major confrontation that has a huge impact on one of the characters and could possibly be fairly large for another. When the session takes place, I will post the campaign log for it.

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