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Delving into the mountains depths.

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Upon returning from Shadowfell Keep, Lord Padraig and his retinue greetedthe party at the city gates. A massive feast ensued to celebrate their wondrousvictory. During the festivities, Lord Padraig approached the party to inquireas to their future. He had a proposition for them. Investigate the slaverproblem based out of Thunderspire Mountain. It seems the Duergar who live deepin the belly are willing to pay handsomely for slave stock and a band calledthe Bloodrievers has been kidnapping Nentir Vale locals and taking them toThunderspire Mountain.

Being the noble adventurers they are, the party quickly accepted the task,for a reward of course.

As the party was readying themselves to leave the next morning Valthrun thePrescient, local sage, approached the party with an adventurous proposition. Itseems good 'ol Valthrun got himself all worked up over some Legend of a lostMinotaur City in the belly of Thunderspire Mountain. Because of this he ascommissioned the players to find this lost city and bring backinformation/relics from there.

The route to Thunderspire Mountain was an easy one. Lord Padraig outfittedthe adventurers with enough provisions to get them to their destination and theKing's Road is well maintained and regularly patrolled so there were noattacks.

Upon arrival in Thunderspire Mountain the party made their through the Roadof Lanterns to the Seven-Pillared Hall. The welcoming party was one Brugg theOgre, local enforcer working for the Mages of Saruun (local ruling cabal). 9'tall, 600bls of pure muscle and poor attitude. After interrogating the party hepointed the way to several local shops and such then moved on his way.

A bit of investigation led the party to The Halfmoon Inn, where a distressedErra Halfmoon can't seem to find her son Rendil. It seems he has taken toexploring the local labyrinth and it turned out he was captured by theBloodrievers. The party accepted the mission and moved out to rescue Rendil.After about an hour of searching the labyrinth the party found Rendil being accostedby a group of hobgoblins. A short scuffle later and Rendil was rescued thentaken back to the Halfmoon Inn. His mother was so ecstatic the players now havea place to sleep while working out of the Seven Pillared Hall.

Turns out Rendil knows the location of the Chamber of Eyes, an ancienttemple the Bloodrievers are currently using for a base of operations. Armedwith this information the players set out to rid the mountain of theBloodrievers.

The Chamber of eyes turned out to be partially ruined but well lit. Duringtheir explorations the party nearly lost their ranger and the Ardent, onevoluntarily falling off a 15' cliff, the other being forcefully bull rushedfrom the cliff by a very large bugbear.

After that, they managed to interrupt a group of bandits,humans and goblins playing games of chance and having chow. One goblin even got thunderwaved into thecooking fire. Good times!

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