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Brother Julianus

Inside Edition Calixis Factor Campaign

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Welcome to the Inside Edition of the Calixis Factor Campaign for Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40K RPG).

I will be posting summaries of actual game play (once we begin), but first everyone will get information on my style of Game Mastering, what house rules I use, and the basic background that players will be beginning with.

The reasons for this Blog is to give experienced and new individuals to RPG a look into that experience of Actual Role-playing and a possible way someone could run a game of Dark Heresy.

Depending on the experiences of the players involved will determine if I will use Published adventures as well as self made adventures.

I welcome your comments about the game and anything that is posted here by myself or others being played just keep it kind

Happy Gaming

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  1. Brother Julianus's Avatar
    The Gaming Mind of Brother Julianus

    Hello everyone;
    Everyone who has been a "Game Master" (GM) will eventually develop a way in which they referee and narrate a game. It does not matter which game setting or system; we each rather a player of GM have our own way in which we "Play" and that is an individual's "Gaming Style." I think it is important to let players who will be playing a game (or thinking of playing) know what they can expect when playing in a game ran by you. For those of you who are thinking of running a game (rather it be a Warhammer 40k system or not) I hope my explanations about style may prompt you to think about your own.

    I enjoy being a GM because it allows me to express my creative mind before and audience of like minded people (RPG Players). I firmly believe that no matter the ease or difficulty in a game, the number one reason for the enjoyment or disappointment in a game falls on the GM (followed closely by the players). Any RPG is like a Gun, don't blame the gun for shooting look to the wielder.
    I grew up in a large city and in 1982 I began playing RPGs. What drew me in was the imagination, social gathering and overall experience. When I run a game it is important to make the world in which we play as realistic as possible. I begin by enforcing the rules as they were meant by the game designers (I guess I could be called a "Rules Lawyer"). Don't get to turned off, I like having games that anyone who has read the rules could jump into. If I play by the rules then I don't have to worry about one big aspect of an RPG. Yes I know that some rules may not seem to make since or even seem a bit unfair, but I just feel it is more comfortable for me and everyone involved to be light on "house rules" that actually change how a mechanic is done.
    I like as little distractions going on outside of the game while playing. I don't like seeing someone reading a novel, playing a video game, or talking about the last sports game they played while playing on the table (unless we are having a break). When you add to many distractions it really takes away from the experience of getting into character and immersing yourself into the game. Don't get me wrong, I love the to laugh and joke around, I just feel that if you are playing a game you should refrain from bringing or doing things that can cause distractions to you or anyone else.

    What I have the most problem with is "Power Gaming" unless it's a game of Hackmaster (or something similar). I don't like listening to someone tell me that they want the best armor and the most powerful weapons (with every character that they make). If they have a few low stats they want to wine, or something. That really doesn't make for an exciting character. Yes, in any game you want to have the most powerful weapon if you are up against "tuff" opposition (but if you are playing in character you make choices based on what your character would do, not what you would do unless both would make the same choice). But, tell me you are getting this weapon because its fits your character or that is what he likes, not because you can't play the game unless you have the most powerful everything.

    When it comes to players and the type of characters they bring to a game I run this is what I accept. I enjoy players having the freedom to make their own characters (but I never allow anyone to bring in a character above the starting level; if I don't know how they play). I like players to have some tension between each other (if they want), but I don't like it when players make characters that "Realistically" would not be with the group. What I mean is I don't allow anyone to make a character that constantly causes problems for his/her fellow players. It's okay to make characters that have a hard time getting along, but realistically it should always be obvious why the other players continue to travel (or work with) someone who is a "Jerk." If you make a character who is difficult to get along with, you have to also have value and worth to the group as a who (or in Dark Heresy at least prove valuable to the Cell in the eyes of the Inquisitor.

    In closing when I run a game players can expect me to try and get them involved with their characters. I love to challenge players and make them "Earn" everything they get. I don't just hand out buckets of XP for quick character advancement, yet I award players for developing a role and staying in character. When it comes to combat, I like to make it mimic reality (that's why I like the Warhammer 40k System). Some GM may have problems challenging players both in and outside of combat, I don't.

    I like games where players can have fun just role-playing (so I have had plenty games that don't include combat in some sessions). And, when you add NPCs with background, throw in mystery, action, horror, drama and romance.... you can't help but win (and everyone wins when they all are having fun)! I hope this gives everyone an idea of what type of GM (and Player) I am.
  2. Brother Julianus's Avatar
    Dark Heresy Character Creation
    Players have the choice of creating characters using the Core Book and/or Inquisitors Handbook. When going through the creation process you if you have copies of the books you can create your character without the help of the game master. If you do not have copy of the books then I can help you create your character (although we have to schedule a time). You have the option of rolling or choosing any options that provides a random table (except for the following Tables which must be rolled table 1-18 Imperial Divination).
    Any Player who wants to play a Sister of Battle (should have experience in playing DH or at the least have knowledge of the 40k Universe; you should also be a good role-player). Do not use the Errata for Character Creation I prefer the rules in the Core Book over the Errata (although the Errata will generally be observed).
    Do not spend any Starting Wealth before game play. Be sure to spend 400 XP. No one can begin with any choices form the Radicals Handbook. All players must send a copy of character sheet to GM (email at using the PDF fill-able sheet.
    Nature (Pg 35 Core Book): Answer all questions expect for do not Answer the following Question: How Did You Meet Your Inquisitor? You have not meet your Inquisitor and you don't know the name of him/ her. Your cell has been formed with the permission of your Inquisitor by a trusted Acolyte Logister Atellus Nandu ... This Acolyte has met each one of your characters and you can therefore write about how you meet Atellus Nandu (if you like); but note that he has explained to you that each one of you have actually met the Inquisitor at least once in the past 2-3 years and something you did has had a lasting impression on your Inquisitor. While you have not earned the right to know more about whom this Inquisitor is; with show of promise one day your cell may prove worthy to know exactly who your master is (You have no clue as to which Ordo the cell belongs to either).
    Although there is no Character Class limits for DH, it may be wise to at least have at least one Psyker. The group can expect to have an assortment of missions so your group may want to have some diversity to it.
  3. Brother Julianus's Avatar

    The Inquisitorial cell recently being activated began itsfirst mission by boarding the cargo vessel called "The BrazenSky." The assembled team headedfrom Scintilla they head to Iocanthus to investigate possible Psychic disturbancesnear a small settlement trying to erect a shrine to one of the Imperial Saints.

    The cell consist of:

    Borgia (Bore-jah)a well built female wearing a Carapace Chest Plate over ImperialVestments. This tan skinned black hairedand green eyed servant spear stands out along with the Aquila facial tattoo.Borgia appears to be in her 30's

    Constantine thetall and spindly pale skinned void born. This green eyed bald man who appears in his late 20's wears tatty robes and staff of an Imperial Psyker. He has unusually long fingers on manicuredhands.

    Enoch who is nearingmiddle age is a void born Naval Marine who has elegant hands, black hair andgrey eyes. He wears a Chain Coat, overhis Naval Marine Uniform, Enoch's Naval Saber faithfully on his side. Strapped with an autogun he looks ready forbusiness of a more violent nature.

    Judas the Arbiterwho protects himself with a mesh vest over his officer uniform. a tall muscular void born male, with blackhair and violet eyes. He appears to bein his 20's with his flowing hair that stands out.

    Torrin thehandsome fair skinned, dark brown haired gray eyed adept with the convincingsmile. He appears to be in his early20's, wearing Administratum robes . Torrin stands in a regal manner and appears to be an educatedindividual.

    Zanrik completesthe group of six individuals that form this special cell for an inquisitor thatthey still are unsure of who he is. Hetanned skin, brown hair and grey eyes are clothed in tatty robes. Along with his staff it appears that thismiddle aged man has took a trip on one of the Imperial black ships.

    Theassembled team begin to introduce themselves while being quartered in the questarea of the ship and told not to explore beyond their room and the"Mess" facility. WhileConstantine appeared under the weather for whatever reason and had to confinehimself to his bed, it didn't take long for Judas and Zanrik to goexploring. Torrin took this time totravel to the Mess, while Borgia spent her time praying to the Emperor. Enoch spent his time setting his bed and gearin an orderly fashion.

    Itdidn't take much time for Judas and Zanrik to run into several of the shipsguards. Judas told the guards that hewanted to offer his experience to the ship to help with morale .After spendingsmall amount of time speaking to the guards, they were kindly told to return totheir room. Torrin spent his timedrinking at one of the tables and setting up a date with one of the woman whoworked in the mess.

    Beforemaking it back to their quarters the two explorers were stopped by one of theguards they had spoke with early, who told them that their SGT ask to meetthem. Judas and Zanrik turned around andheaded off to meet the sergeant. Whilespeaking with the sergeant it didn't take the two acolytes long to figure outthat the man did not take his job to serious. They were told about the ship having a rash of workers come up missingin the last several months. After somefurther discussions the acolytes decided that they would try to investigate theships "Black Hole."

    The duowent back to their quarters to gather needed gear and to ask for assistancefrom fellow team mates. Besides thebedridden Constantine and the slightly drunk Torrin everyone else joined themin their search. The sergeant of theguard gave the crew a few requested equipment and the acolytes were led to anentrance to the "Black Hole."

    Theacolytes searched deep in the area before they came across a living person whohappened to be hiding from them. Thefilthy man told the investigators that he felt they would draw the attention ofthe "Servant of the darkness," who would come and kill"them" if the acolytes did not leave the area the man was hiding in.

    Thedoubtful team turned to leave the male, when they were attacked bymutants. The acolytes easily dispatchedthe vile mutants and sent them to the light of the Emperor to be judged. This made the scarred man "Lyle"convinced that the servants of the Emperor could help them from the servants ofthe darkness. He introduce them to twoother well hidden individuals Larson and Sarra. They cell was asked the trio to lead them to the "Servant,"and after the group convinced Lyle that Sarra would not be harmed she led themto where the servants of the darkness lived.

    Once inside thearea of the servants the team walked up to one of the servant guards and beganto attack him, which brought out others who tried to overwhelm the acolytes.After a hard fought battle the team was able to kill off most of their adversaries. We let the curtains close as they began tosearch the dead enemies and strip their one captured person.