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Exodus Shadowrun

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Howdy, It has been a while since I posted an update about this Shadowrun 4th Ed campaign.

It is run by PeterDracos who is in the U.S. Air Force, and currently in the Republic of Korea. He is dedicated enough to the game that it starts at 6AM on Sunday where he is! (5PM Sat, (US) Eastern timezone/ 4PM Central). The game is "located" in Lagos (a Feral City) circa 2072AD.

Right now most of the "slots" are filled with 6 players. We have a Mage that's good with spirits, a Technomancer, a Social Adept/Face, and 3 St. Samie's (fighters) that are somewhat dual class. (Fighter/Rigger, Fighter/Chemist (we don't have to buy any explosives), and a Fighter/B&E).

If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to contact either PeterDracos thru Pen & Paper, or for more info me at P&P, or directly at

I am also looking for players in a face to face game of Shadowrun on Sundays (Noon to 5PM) in the Nashville, TN area.

Bye, Tim

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  1. cplmac's Avatar
    Nice to see that with online gaming, it allows members of our military a way to get to participate in gaming, no matter where they may be stationed. This is why when someone asks about ideas on where to find players, I usually recomend checking the local military base recreation dept.