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Zombies demons and super heroes OH MY

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So few people know me on this website, and i want to change this. So here are my thoughts on some issues that come towards campaigns that involve Zombies Demons and Super heroes. this will be part one of many on Zombies

First thought that comes to mind is Zombies, The one thing that everyone knows about, wither it be from a movie (i am legend, Dawn of the dead, Zombie Land) a book (pride prejudice and zombies, Zombie survival guide) or from video games (Left for dead, dead space). This can make for a very interesting campaign or a campaign that makes you (either the gm or the players) want to pound your head into the brick wall. I personally find that this pre-game knowledge can be very entertaining (especially if the game has a twist to the zombie). So as a DM you have several choices in dealing with this existing knowledge,

1. Play along with the Players give their characters a benefit of the doubt that their ideas will work (heck some of the ideas i have seen in the zombie campaigns i have been in though they sound crazy have actually worked.) For example the Flame Thrower Guard Tower for a Semi Permanent Safe zone, Take a propane tank with an industrial Propane wand (the ones used to heat up the tarmac on roads) remove all safeties from the wand (making it have no limit to how much propane comes out of it) and tada a flame thrower guard tower but the player forgot that the walls in that section of the fence so it burnt down but besides that it was a good idea.

2. Realism can kill a game.
Now if your game is supposed to be Realistic then never mind this. For games other then realistic, this can be a major killing point or a extremely fun aspect of any zombie game. Case in point Food harvesting, in the groups i have run and been part of this has been an extremely fun aspect of the zombie game, figuring out which buildings scavenge to get the most food out of with the least amount of zombies in it. but of course the games i have been in have been based around a singular group which very lean intentions of making a Safe Haven.
Now the down side to realism, Zombie bites, no matter what way the zombie infection/plague/curse is transmitted the bite of a zombie can be completely nasty (can you say major infection?) this is something that can be a very horrible experience for a player character, and here is why. The first place to look for antibiotics will be in the pharmacy which could be a fun little experience in its own right, but there's the inexperience of the players to know what antibiotic to pick up or if its actually there (i personally believe the pharmacy will be ransacked before the zombies can fully take over), If its not then the players will have to think of another place to look, ill give you a second to think..........did you think of whats the next place to go and why it is a very bad idea? If you thought anything but the hospital then you might be correct but if you thought the hospital then you will have a fun time swimming in the surf known as Zombie Central, (Schools government buildings, gymnasiums, Hospitals will be filled with dead bodies by the time the zombies rise, which could mean very very fun times for those who wonder through those areas or a great buffet for the zombies.)
Now like i said this could be fun for either the players or the zombies, but not for both. so i find this a very bad part of a realistic campaign but if your like me i love this kind of decision that is made in a realistic campaign.

Now i think i am done for the night writing this but i shall write more on the subject of Zombies when i get more time


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