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Converting 1e Dungeon adventure to 4e : Lady of the Lake Part 2

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Part Two

As explained previously, I am converting the 1e Dungeon Magazine Adventure Lady of the Lake for 4e. I made several modifications to the adventure to make it more playable as a 4e (and, quite frankly, an overall better) adventure.

My first decision was to make the adventure a 1st level adventure as it was originally intended for. Naturally it can be scaled up for more powerful parties. There are no high level monsters in the adventure as originally written so the use of standard monsters from the Monster builder would be used in the design save for the Madman and the Evil wizard (more on them next post). I decided to also place it in the NentirVale near the Winterbole forest so it had a relavant setting.

My next decision was to take some of the interesting random encounters listed and make them actual encounters in the adventure. They included a brigand encounter, hobgoblin encounter, a madman encounter, and a encounter with wolves. I also decide to add a few things to the adventure: for example, I would include the wizard that originally transformed the Lady, expand the burial mound encounter, and make complications that didn't exist before.

I decided that rather than having the PC's wander aimlessly through the forest and reach the encounters, that I would have the encounter automatically be found so I would have the traditional 10-11 encounters from an adventure. Some of the encounters would be easy while others hard. I usually place hard encounters more frequently if the PC's will be given an opportunity to rest the next day (not that they necessarily take it). I also changed the plot slightly by having the brigands and this wizard actively searching for the Lady. I also changed a few things in the village scenario to give it more tension like placing Tigerclaw Barbarians in the Inn, making it full. I also expanded on certain sites, like the burial mound encounter. The final combat scenario would be the heroes facing off against the evil wizard and his unique abilities before they find the Lake.

I included a more details in the sacred grove of the Dryad, making an essential encounter to aid the PC's in finding Lake orb. I changed the Dryad to a Spring Nymph with wilden companions. The Nymph resembles more of the 1e Dryad than than the 4e dryad IMO and the level range is closer to the PC's in the encounter. though the encounter is designed not be noncombat, I left the possibility the PC's would try something more aggressive.

I designed a skill challenge that could be implemented for the adventure. I had the Lady suffer the effects of being wounded through the disease mechanics. The Players are given the challenge of keeping the Lady alive long enough to get her to Orb Lake. The players need 12 success before 3 failures with 6 advantages. Everyday, the Lady would need a endurance save or a PC heal check to stop slipping deeper into death. Each failure move the lady permanently on the “disease track “closer to death with no hope of returning her to a improved state (unless the players gain an advantage that removed the failure.) I limited how many skill checks a single or group of players could do in one day. The thick forest itself impede the players movement through the forest making them travel for several days to find Orb Lake's location. Other skills could be used to gain advantages, to remove the failures: For example: Arcane could discover a ritual requiring 100gp Alchemical regents that could help rebound the arcane bonds of the Lady's polymorph and repair some of her damage. The trick will be for the PC's to find 100gp of alchemical regents (they won't find them in the village).

Once the PC's reach 3 failures, the woman falls very close to deaths door, and unless they have any advantages left, the will be dragging her to the Lake if they can keep her alive through heal checks. Once she sucums to the condition, she dies. However, I provided one extra advantage the players can utilize in the Burial mound that brings her back to life temporarily if she die, giving them an extra chance. Ultimately, if the PC's fail in their mission, they simply just lose out on the treasure rewards at the end of the adventure. She would ask then for revenge against the Wizard and the PC's would receive their XP rewards if they accomplish that task (if they haven't already)

Next Blog: The list of encounters for the adventure.

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  1. Q-man's Avatar
    I like the concept of that skill challenge. Its a lot more interesting that what I've seen from the WotC challenges, specifically in how its open to more creative solutions. I'm not familiar with the plot of the module you're converting, so I'm not sure what the context is but the premise of the challenge is appealing.
  2. Otakar's Avatar
    I really enjoy reading your blog, wizarddog. If you publish these 4E updates I'd like to get a copy.