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Independant Gamer Perspective

Published: Temple of the Dark Mirror

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Well, i've technically written a lot of play scenarios but not all of them as organized as this one. I just finished this one and since my players don't have accounts here i can post here for comments and reviews. I'm sure its still got spelling errors and grammar... but i'm not too worried. One of my own players who GM's for another group is running this as a play test. I tend to write sparsely and fill in as i go, so this is more verbose than normal. I run plot heavy, but this is pretty short; more of a side trek. I just did it so Arabus (my friend) can run something and see how well it went. Keeps my own writing skills sharp. I should probably fill in some more details with more creepy elements - but again i tend to make that up as i go so its a challenge to put it all down ahead of time like this.

Comments on the basic ideas are always welcome.

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